Police Investigating Beating of Suspected Repeat 7-Eleven Thief in California

In a recent incident caught on video, a suspected repeat thief at a 7-Eleven in California was beaten by clerks who were attempting to stop him from wrecking and stealing from the shelves. The incident occurred in Stockton, California, where the same man had reportedly stolen from the store the day before. The video footage, which has gained widespread attention, shows one of the store workers hitting the suspect with a stick before eventually letting him go. The police, after finding the injured suspect a few hours later, are now investigating the incident. Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell believes that the only culprit in this incident is the thief himself, and points to the democratic laws in California that seemingly favor the criminal rather than the victim.

Leo argues that the focus should not be on the shop owners, who were trying to protect their property, but on the criminal who had committed the offense not just once, but twice. He believes that the lack of response from the police and government in addressing crime has resulted in vigilantism, with people taking matters into their own hands due to feeling attacked, robbed, and assaulted. Additionally, Leo raises concerns about the lenient laws surrounding theft in certain states, where individuals are allowed to steal a substantial amount before facing legal consequences. This incident has sparked a larger conversation about the balance between protecting property and the use of force in deterring criminals.

Police Investigating Beating of Suspected Repeat 7-Eleven Thief in California


The incident in question occurred at a 7-Eleven store in Stockton, California, which is located south of Sacramento. The suspect, who had been identified as a repeat thief at the same store, was caught on video clearing out shelves and stealing items. The video quickly went viral, grabbing the attention of viewers around the world. Prior to this incident, the suspect had allegedly stolen from the store the day before.

Incident at 7-Eleven

The incident at the 7-Eleven involved multiple clerks who decided to take matters into their own hands and confront the suspected thief. As shown in the video footage, one of the clerks used a stick to subdue the suspect. After a period of time, the clerks eventually released the suspect. It was later discovered that the suspect sought medical help a few hours after the incident, claiming to be in pain. However, he initially did not admit to being attacked. It was only after the police saw the video from the store that they connected the dots and launched an investigation.

Police Response

Upon finding the injured suspect seeking medical help, the police initiated an investigation into the incident. They obtained a statement from the suspect and began examining the video evidence to determine the extent of the suspect’s injuries. Additionally, the police gathered witness testimonies, aiming to gain a comprehensive understanding of what transpired. They also analyzed the legality of the clerks’ actions, considering factors such as reasonableness and potential crimes committed.

Civil Rights Attorney’s Perspective

Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor, offered his perspective on the incident. Terrell’s opinion places the blame squarely on the criminal, asserting that the only culprit in the incident is the thief who was beaten by the clerks. He criticized the laws in California, claiming that they prioritize criminals as victims and argued that the district attorney should have the repeat offender in jail given his multiple offenses. Terrell supported the shop owners’ right to protect their property and expressed that they should not be charged with any criminal offense. He also mentioned the possibility of a civil suit and called for 7-Eleven to back up the shop owners.

Force Used by Shop Owners

The force used by the shop owners to subdue the suspected thief has come under scrutiny. Evaluating the force used requires considering its purpose, which was to deter the suspect from returning to the store. The question of reasonableness arises, determining whether the force used was excessive or within the bounds of self-defense. Answering this question will contribute to determining if a crime was committed. Ultimately, the determination of charges surrounding the force used may involve a jury.

Legal Issues

The district attorney plays a pivotal role in reviewing the case and deciding on potential charges. It is crucial that the district attorney carefully reviews the evidence and considers the legal implications. Given the circumstances, it is important not to file charges against the shop owners. Doing so could send the wrong message and potentially lead to unintended consequences. Additionally, the suspect’s initial dishonesty with the police about the reasons for his injuries raises further legal concerns. This incident raises questions about the impact of lenient theft laws on criminal behavior.

Perceptions of Crime and Vigilantism

Instances like the beating of the suspected thief at 7-Eleven highlight growing frustrations with the perceived lack of police response to crimes. Vigilantism, or individuals taking the law into their own hands, has seen an increase as a result. Public opinion on incidents like these can be divided, with some viewing the actions of the shop owners as justified and necessary for personal safety. However, concerns about personal safety and the impact of lax laws on crime rates persist. There is a need for a more robust government response to ensure public safety and restore faith in the criminal justice system.

District Attorney’s Role

The district attorney holds significant responsibilities in cases like these. They must carefully review the evidence, ensuring a fair and just approach. Balancing public safety and justice is of utmost importance. The district attorney’s role in determining charges and potential implications of their decision cannot be understated. Their decision will shape the outcome of the case and contribute to public perceptions of the criminal justice system.

Laws Regarding Theft

The incident at 7-Eleven sheds light on the laws surrounding theft in California and other states. Some states, like New York, have threshold limits for theft before significant legal consequences kick in. It is essential to examine the impact of such lenient laws on criminal behavior and public safety. The ability to steal up to a certain value without severe legal repercussions may encourage individuals to engage in theft without fear of punishment.


In conclusion, the police investigation into the beating of a suspected repeat thief at a 7-Eleven store in California raises important legal and societal issues. The incident garnered significant attention as video footage circulated online. The response from the police, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell’s perspective, and the force used by the shop owners have all been subject to scrutiny. Legal considerations, perceptions of crime and vigilantism, and the role of the district attorney in shaping the outcome of the case were also discussed. Ultimately, this incident prompts reflection on theft laws and their impact on criminal behavior, as well as the need for a comprehensive government response to crime.