Who Had A Crush On Chris Evans?

Do you remember those school crushes that made your heart race? Well, it turns out that even celebrities had their fair share of swooning moments, and one of them was none other than the charming Chris Evans. Yes, the same Chris Evans who captured our hearts as Captain America. In this exciting article, we will unveil the surprising list of famous individuals who couldn’t help but develop a crush on our beloved superhero. Prepare to be delighted as we uncover the secret admirers who fell head over heels for the charismatic Chris Evans. Get ready for some surprising names!

Jennifer Lawrence

Background information

Jennifer Lawrence is a highly acclaimed American actress known for her versatile roles and humorous persona. Born on August 15, 1990, in Kentucky, Lawrence gained recognition for her breakthrough performance in the film “Winter’s Bone” (2010), which earned her an Academy Award nomination. She later starred as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” franchise, solidifying her status as a leading lady in Hollywood.

Her crush on Chris Evans

Like many fans, Jennifer Lawrence found herself captivated by the charming Chris Evans, known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lawrence openly admitted to having a crush on Evans during interviews, winning the hearts of both fans and the actor himself.

Public acknowledgements

Jennifer Lawrence’s admiration for Chris Evans was publicly acknowledged on multiple occasions. During red carpet events and talk show appearances, Lawrence would often playfully mention her crush, causing laughter and delight among fans. The actress’s infectious enthusiasm and humorous approach made her crush on Evans endearing to many.

Fan interactions

Jennifer Lawrence’s relatable crush on Chris Evans also resonated with fans who shared the same sentiment. Social media platforms were filled with fans expressing their excitement for Lawrence and Evans, creating a sense of camaraderie among their followers. Fans eagerly shared their own stories and feelings towards the charismatic actor, further fueling the conversation online.

Ariana Grande

Background information

Ariana Grande, a talented singer and actress, gained prominence through her powerful vocals and impressive vocal range. Born on June 26, 1993, in Florida, Grande skyrocketed to fame with songs like “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings,” establishing herself as one of the biggest pop stars of her generation.

Admiration for Chris Evans

Ariana Grande, known for her constant engagement with her fans on social media, didn’t shy away from expressing her fondness for Chris Evans. In interviews, she admitted to having a crush on him, appreciating his talent and charming personality.

Social media interactions

Social media provided Ariana Grande with a platform to directly interact with her fans and share her admiration for Chris Evans. She often liked and commented on posts about Evans, expressing her excitement whenever new projects featuring him were announced. These interactions showcased her genuine appreciation for his work and propelled conversations among fans.

Collaboration rumors

With both Ariana Grande and Chris Evans being highly sought-after in their respective fields, fans couldn’t help but speculate on the possibility of a collaboration. The idea of Grande lending her powerful vocals to a song featuring Evans excited fans, leading to rumors swirling around potential musical collaborations. Though no official collaboration has materialized yet, the shared enthusiasm between the two stars fueled the excitement of their fans.


Background information

Lizzo, with her vibrant personality and empowering music, has become a beloved figure in the music industry. Born Melissa Viviane Jefferson on April 27, 1988, in Michigan, Lizzo’s infectious energy and body-positive message have propelled her to chart-topping success.

Expressing interest in Chris Evans

Lizzo, known for her unapologetic confidence, made her crush on Chris Evans public, endearing herself to fans worldwide. In an interview, she expressed her desire to shoot her shot with the actor, captivating both the media and fans with her boldness.

Social media interactions

Lizzo’s active presence on social media provided her with a direct line of communication to her fans, enabling her to share her admiration for Chris Evans openly. She often retweeted or commented on posts related to Evans, showcasing her playful and flirtatious nature. Her interactions sparked discussions among fans, adding a layer of excitement to the ongoing saga of her crush.

Viral DM exchange

In a twist of fate, Lizzo’s boldness paid off when Chris Evans responded to her public declaration of interest. Evans, known for his down-to-earth nature, replied to Lizzo’s advances via direct message. Although the contents of their exchange remain private, Lizzo’s subsequent tweet expressing her excitement quickly went viral, leaving fans speculating about the nature of their conversation.

Selena Gomez

Background information

Selena Gomez, a multi-talented artist, gained popularity as both an actress and a singer. Born on July 22, 1992, in Texas, Gomez rose to prominence through her role in the hit Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place” and later transitioned into a successful music career.

Crush on Chris Evans

Selena Gomez’s crush on Chris Evans became public knowledge through her social media activity and interviews. During an interview, she playfully admitted to having a crush on him, expressing her admiration for his talent and good looks.

Public mentions

Selena Gomez’s crush on Chris Evans extended beyond interviews. In public appearances and social media posts, she would often mention Evans, adding a touch of lightheartedness to her interactions with fans. Her charming personality and candid expressions of affection for Evans resonated with fans, who enjoyed witnessing her fangirl moments.

Response from Chris Evans

While Chris Evans hasn’t publicly addressed Selena Gomez’s crush, the genuine admiration between the two stars hasn’t gone unnoticed. Fans eagerly await any interactions or potential collaborations that may occur in the future, hoping that their mutual appreciation for each other’s work could blossom into something more.

Lily James

Background information

Lily James, a talented British actress, made a name for herself through her roles in period dramas and blockbuster films. Born on April 5, 1989, in Surrey, England, James garnered attention for her performances in “Cinderella” (2015) and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” (2018).

Connection with Chris Evans

Lily James and Chris Evans became intertwined romantically through various public appearances and events. The two were spotted together attending parties and enjoying each other’s company, leading to speculation about their relationship status.

Romantic rumors

The romantic rumors surrounding Lily James and Chris Evans sparked significant intrigue among fans and the media alike. Paparazzi photos and eyewitness accounts fueled speculations of a blossoming romance between the two actors, creating a buzz that ignited conversations online.

Public appearances together

Lily James and Chris Evans were frequently seen together in public, attending events and socializing with mutual friends. Their chemistry and shared laughter in these public appearances added weight to the romantic rumors, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any updates or confirmations of their relationship status.

Minka Kelly

Background information

Minka Kelly is an American actress known for her roles in television shows like “Friday Night Lights” and “Parenthood.” Born on June 24, 1980, in California, Kelly’s talent and attractive appearance have made her a sought-after actress in the entertainment industry.

Past relationship with Chris Evans

Minka Kelly and Chris Evans had a romantic history that spanned several years. The couple dated on and off between 2007 and 2013, captivating fans with their glamorous red carpet appearances and shared interests.

Rekindled romance rumors

In recent years, rumors of a rekindled romance between Minka Kelly and Chris Evans started making headlines. Paparazzi photos captured the two spending time together, sparking speculation about them reigniting their relationship. Fans speculated on whether their connection was merely a friendship or something more, eagerly following any updates.

Public sightings

Minka Kelly and Chris Evans were often spotted together in public, fueling the rumors of a rekindled romance. Whether it was grocery shopping or going for a walk, their casual yet intimate outings heightened fans’ curiosity about the status of their relationship. However, both Kelly and Evans have remained tight-lipped about their personal lives, leaving their fans to speculate and wonder.

Hayley Atwell

Background information

Hayley Atwell, a talented British-American actress, garnered acclaim for her portrayal of Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Born on April 5, 1982, in London, England, Atwell’s versatility as an actress has allowed her to excel in both film and television.

Working relationship with Chris Evans

Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans shared a close working relationship during their time working on the Marvel films. As Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers, their characters developed a deep bond onscreen, reflecting the genuine connection between the two actors.

Speculations of mutual attraction

The onscreen chemistry between Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans did not go unnoticed by fans. Speculations arose regarding the possibility of a mutual attraction beyond the confines of their characters. Though no public declarations have been made, fans enjoyed the idea of their favorite onscreen couple possibly becoming a reality offscreen.

Statements denying romance

Despite fans’ hopes for a real-life romance between Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans, both actors have consistently denied any romantic involvement. Through interviews, they have emphasized their respect and admiration for each other’s work while emphasizing their deep friendship. While fans may continue to indulge in their fantasies, Atwell and Evans have made it clear that their connection is purely platonic.

Scarlett Johansson

Background information

Scarlett Johansson, a highly acclaimed American actress, rose to prominence through her versatile performances and stunning screen presence. Born on November 22, 1984, in New York City, Johansson has garnered critical acclaim for her roles in films like “Lost in Translation” (2003) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Friendship with Chris Evans

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans developed a strong friendship while working together in the Marvel films. Their shared experiences on set and mutual respect for each other’s craft laid the foundation for a lasting bond.

Rumored romantic connections

Due to their close friendship, rumors of a romantic connection between Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans occasionally made headlines. Fans speculated on whether their onscreen chemistry translated to a real-life romance, eagerly awaiting any news that would confirm or deny the rumors.

Interview comments

Both Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans have addressed the romantic rumors in various interviews. They have consistently emphasized their strong friendship and professional respect, dispelling any notion of a romantic involvement. Their lighthearted comments and unwavering support for each other have showcased the strength of their bond, leaving fans appreciating their platonic relationship.

Lily Collins

Background information

Lily Collins, an accomplished British-American actress and model, has made a name for herself through her notable film and television roles. Born on March 18, 1989, in Surrey, England, Collins has received critical acclaim for her performances in movies like “Mirror Mirror” (2012) and “To the Bone” (2017).

Affection for Chris Evans

Lily Collins has not been shy about expressing her affection for Chris Evans in interviews and public appearances. She has openly admitted to having a crush on the actor, often describing him as a talented and charismatic individual.

Social media interactions

Lily Collins has actively engaged with her fans on social media, using the platforms to express her admiration for Chris Evans. She has liked and retweeted posts that feature Evans, showcasing her enthusiasm for his work. Her interactions online have allowed fans to connect with her shared appreciation for the actor.

Dating rumors

With Lily Collins’s candid expressions of affection for Chris Evans, dating rumors inevitably began to circulate. The media closely watched their interactions, from red carpet appearances to public outings, fueling the speculation surrounding their relationship status. However, both Collins and Evans have maintained privacy about their personal lives, leaving fans intrigued yet uncertain.

Emilia Clarke

Background information

Emilia Clarke, a highly acclaimed British actress, gained widespread recognition through her iconic role as Daenerys Targaryen on the hit series “Game of Thrones.” Born on October 23, 1986, in London, England, Clarke’s talent and charisma have garnered her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Admiration for Chris Evans

Emilia Clarke’s admiration for Chris Evans became publicly known through interviews and award show encounters. She has expressed her fondness for his work and easygoing personality, leaving fans excited about the possibility of a collaboration or friendship between the two.

Meeting at award shows

Emilia Clarke and Chris Evans have crossed paths at various award shows, delighting fans with their interactions. Whether posing together for photos or engaging in lighthearted banter during interviews, their connection has been a source of excitement for fans who appreciate their talent and onscreen presence.

Possibility of future collaborations

The shared admiration and professional respect between Emilia Clarke and Chris Evans have sparked discussions about potential collaborations in the future. Fans eagerly anticipate any joint projects that might bring together these two beloved actors, eager to witness their chemistry onscreen beyond the award show stage.

Throughout the entertainment industry, numerous celebrities have harbored crushes on the charming and talented Chris Evans. From Jennifer Lawrence’s playful crush to Minka Kelly’s past romance, each of these talented individuals has showcased their admiration for Evans both publicly and privately. As fans eagerly follow their interactions, whether through social media or public appearances, the possibility of romantic connections and collaborations continues to captivate the imagination of fans worldwide. With such a diverse group of celebrities expressing their interest, one thing is for certain: Chris Evans has an undeniable charm that leaves a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to work with him or simply admire him from the sidelines.