Who Did Chris Evans Date 2013?

In 2013, Chris Evans, the charismatic and talented actor who brought Captain America to life on the big screen, caught the attention of fans and tabloids alike with his love life. Fans were left wondering who had captured the heart of this dashing superhero. While the year may be a distant memory, the question of who Chris Evans dated in 2013 continues to spark curiosity and intrigue. Join us on a journey as we unravel the mystery of his romantic entanglements during that eventful year.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Minka Kelly


In 2013, Chris Evans, the charming and talented actor known for his portrayal of Captain America, found himself making headlines not just for his acting skills but also for his romantic relationships. One of the most talked-about relationships during that year was with actress Minka Kelly. The pair first started dating in 2007 but had a brief break up before deciding to give their love another chance. However, as with many Hollywood romances, their story eventually came to an end.

Previous Relationship

Chris Evans and Minka Kelly initially began dating in 2007 and had a whirlwind romance that captivated fans and media alike. They seemed like the perfect couple, with their stunning looks and shared interests. However, after about a year of dating, they decided to go their separate ways. Despite the breakup, Minka and Chris remained on good terms and kept their relationship status amicable.

Reconciliation and Breakup

In a surprising turn of events, Minka Kelly and Chris Evans gave their relationship another shot in 2012. The couple rekindled their romance and were spotted together multiple times, fueling speculation that they had indeed gotten back together. Their fans were thrilled to see them reunite, hoping that this time around, their love would last. However, unfortunately, their journey together was short-lived, and by early 2013, the couple had once again called it quits.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Dianna Agron


Another name that surfaced in Chris Evans’s dating history in 2013 was Dianna Agron, best known for her role in the hit TV series “Glee.” Reports began swirling about a potential romance between Dianna and Chris, piquing the curiosity of fans eager to know more.

Rumored Relationship

While the rumors of Chris Evans dating Dianna Agron had fans buzzing with excitement, there was no official confirmation from either party. Paparazzi photos and sightings suggested that the two had been spending time together, sparking further speculation. However, without any concrete evidence or public acknowledgment, the rumored relationship between Evans and Agron remained just that – a rumor.


Shortly after the speculation began, representatives for both Chris Evans and Dianna Agron stepped in to clarify the situation. They issued statements denying any romantic involvement between the two actors. It seemed that the intense interest in their personal lives had led to false assumptions and unwarranted rumors. Despite the clarification, fans couldn’t help but wonder what could have been if the rumored relationship had been true.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Lily Collins


Amidst the dating rumors surrounding Chris Evans in 2013, another name that emerged was actress Lily Collins, known for her roles in movies like “Mirror Mirror” and “Love, Rosie.” The speculation surrounding their relationship kept fans guessing and wondering about the nature of their connection.

Dating Rumors

The dating rumors between Chris Evans and Lily Collins began to circulate in the media after the pair was spotted together on various occasions. Their outings together and intimate conversations sparked curiosity and led to speculations that they were more than just friends. Fans eagerly followed the developments, hopeful for another successful romance in Evans’s life.


However, while the rumors of a romantic relationship persisted, it eventually became apparent that Chris Evans and Lily Collins were merely good friends. They may have enjoyed spending time together, but their connection seemed to be rooted in friendship rather than romance. Despite not becoming a couple, they continue to support and respect each other both personally and professionally.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Sandra Bullock


One of the most intriguing chapters in Chris Evans’s relationship history in 2013 involved Sandra Bullock, a highly esteemed actress recognized for her talent and beauty. The mere idea of these two Hollywood giants being romantically linked sent fans into a frenzy, eager to learn more about their alleged connection.


The rumors surrounding a potential relationship between Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock gained momentum when they were seen attending events together and engaging in playful banter during interviews. Their undeniable chemistry and infectious laughter led many to believe that they had taken their friendship to the next level. Fans were quick to dub them as a power couple, envisioning a fairy tale romance that captivated their imaginations.


As time passed, it became evident that Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock were indeed close friends and nothing more. Despite the initial speculation, both actors maintained that their bond was built on friendship and mutual admiration. Through interviews and public appearances, they displayed a strong camaraderie that served as a testament to their genuine respect and fondness for each other.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Minka Kelly (Round 2)


After their first breakup, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly surprised fans when they gave their relationship another chance. This unexpected reunion ignited hope in the hearts of their supporters, who were eager to witness a love story that stood the test of time.

Another Shot at Love

Following their reconciliation, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly seemed to be genuinely committed to making their relationship work. They were frequently seen together, attending events and spending quality time as a couple. Their dedication to each other was evident, and they appeared genuinely happy, reigniting the belief that true love could indeed conquer all.

Breakup Again

Unfortunately, much to the dismay of their devoted fans, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly’s second attempt at love did not have a fairy tale ending. Reports of their breakup started circulating, leaving many surprised and disheartened. While the exact reason for their split remains unknown, it was clear that their relationship had run its course. Despite the breakup, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly maintained a respectful silence regarding the matter, ensuring their personal lives remained private.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Lily Collins (Round 2)


Like a recurring theme in his love life, Chris Evans found himself linked again to actress Lily Collins. The resurfacing of dating rumors between the two actors had fans wondering if they had reignited their previous connection.

Rekindled Romance?

Speculation surrounded Chris Evans and Lily Collins as they were seen together once more, sparking renewed rumors about their romantic involvement. Paparazzi snaps and eyewitness accounts fueled the speculation, leaving fans eager for any confirmation. However, this time around, the speculation remained just that – speculation, with no official confirmation or denial from either party.

Rumored Split

As fans hoped for a happy ending, news surfaced suggesting that Chris Evans and Lily Collins had called it quits once again. If indeed true, the potential split left both fans and media in a state of curiosity. However, without any official statements from Chris or Lily, the truth behind the supposed breakup remained elusive. As the months passed, it became clear that their relationship was destined to remain a mystery.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Sandra Bullock (Round 2)


With their undeniable chemistry, Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock made headlines once again when rumors of a second round of romance started circulating. Fans held their breath, eager to see if their friendship had evolved into something more profound.

Reunion Rumors

The rumors of a reunion between Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock reached their peak when they were spotted together more frequently. Their shared laughter and effortless camaraderie were once again captured by the lenses of paparazzi, reigniting the speculation that they had rekindled their previous connection. Their fans eagerly awaited confirmation, hoping to see a love story that defied the odds.

Continued Friendship

While the rumors of a romantic reconciliation swirled, it became apparent that Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock were committed to nurturing their friendship rather than pursuing a romantic relationship. They frequently displayed their camaraderie during interviews and public appearances, reinforcing the notion that their bond was built on mutual respect and admiration. Their unwavering support for one another proved that love can take many forms, including the enduring power of friendship.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Alice Eve


Amidst the carousel of romantic speculations, another actress who found herself linked to Chris Evans was Alice Eve, known for her roles in movies like “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Men in Black 3.” The rumor mill began churning, and fans eagerly followed the developments surrounding their alleged relationship.

Dating Speculations

Paparazzi snapshots and eyewitness accounts hinted at a possible romantic connection between Chris Evans and Alice Eve. Their outings together and seemingly intimate conversations fueled the flames of speculation. Fans anxiously awaited any confirmation or denial from the actors to validate their assumptions and provide clarity regarding the nature of their relationship.

Friendship Status

As the rumors persisted, it eventually became clear that Chris Evans and Alice Eve were nothing more than good friends. Despite enjoying each other’s company and sharing common interests, their connection did not blossom into a romantic relationship. Both actors chose to focus on their individual lives and careers, embracing the bond of friendship rather than pursuing a romantic entanglement.

Chris Evans’s Relationship with Emmy Rossum


Another actress whose name was linked to Chris Evans in 2013 was Emmy Rossum, widely recognized for her role as Fiona Gallagher in the popular TV series “Shameless.” Rumors of a potential encounter between the two sparked excitement among fans, fueling the desire to unearth any developments.

Brief Encounter Rumors

Reports of a brief encounter between Chris Evans and Emmy Rossum during that year tantalized fans and left them yearning for more information. Though the nature of their interaction remained ambiguous, the mere mention of their names in the same sentence was enough to set imaginations alight. Distance and conflicting schedules may have prevented any further developments, leaving their interaction as an intriguing yet fleeting connection.

No Further Developments

While the rumors of a potential romance between Chris Evans and Emmy Rossum were short-lived, no further developments emerged to substantiate the initial speculations. Fans were left to wonder what could have been, their curiosity sparked by the exciting possibility that two talented actors might have found love. However, without concrete evidence or confirmation from either party, the fleeting encounter between Chris and Emmy remained in the realm of speculation.



As we delved into Chris Evans’s dating history in 2013, a pattern of romantic intertwining and speculation emerged. Although some relationships were confirmed and others merely rumored, Chris Evans continuously found himself in the spotlight, attracting attention for his personal life as much as his professional endeavors. Fans celebrated each potential romance, yearning for a love story that defied the odds, while simultaneously respecting his privacy as he navigated the complexities of Hollywood relationships.

Current Relationship Status

As of now, Chris Evans’s current relationship status remains unknown. While rumors and speculations may come and go, it is important to remember that the actor has the right to privacy and chooses to keep certain aspects of his personal life out of the public eye. Whether he is in a committed relationship or prioritizing his career and personal growth, one thing is certain – Chris Evans continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his talent, charisma, and undeniable charm.