Ted Cruz Destroys CNN Anchor Over Lack of Journalism Integrity

“Ted Cruz Destroys CNN Anchor Over Lack of Journalism Integrity” showcases the strong and fiery exchange between Senator Ted Cruz and a CNN anchor, as he passionately tears into the anchor’s lack of journalistic integrity. Sen. Cruz, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, discusses the Biden family’s alleged business dealings and presents his legal analysis of the situation. The article highlights Cruz’s argument that the allegations against the Bidens, involving bribery and influence peddling, should be thoroughly investigated and potentially lead to impeachment and legal consequences. It also raises concerns about the perceived lack of equal justice and application of laws in the current political climate, with the Department of Justice seemingly focused solely on Donald Trump instead of delving into potential corruption scandals. The article provides an insightful and thought-provoking examination of the ongoing political controversy.


In recent news, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has been engaging in a heated exchange with a CNN anchor regarding the lack of journalistic integrity within the news network. Cruz accuses the CNN anchor of biased reporting and ignoring important stories. In particular, Cruz is critical of the anchor’s lack of reporting on the Biden family’s business dealings and the allegations of bribery surrounding them. In this article, we will delve into Cruz’s criticism and explore the importance of investigating money laundering and bribery. We will also examine the evidence of bribery and corruption in the Biden family and contrast these allegations with the actions of other politicians. Lastly, we will touch upon Cruz’s personal experiences and opinions on the matter. Let’s dive in.

Background on Ted Cruz and CNN Anchor

Before delving into the specifics of the exchange between Ted Cruz and the CNN anchor, it is important to provide some background information on both individuals. Ted Cruz is a Republican Senator from Texas and a prominent figure in conservative politics. He has been known for his strong conservative stances and his willingness to voice his opinions even when they may be controversial. CNN, on the other hand, is a major news network that covers both breaking news and political and business stories. It has been a dominant force in the cable news landscape for nearly two decades.

Ted Cruz’s Criticism of CNN Anchor’s Lack of Journalism Integrity

Senator Ted Cruz did not hesitate to call out the CNN anchor for their lack of journalistic integrity. Cruz argues that the anchor, who is supposed to be a journalist, has been biased in their reporting and has ignored important stories. This criticism stems from Cruz’s belief that the anchor has failed to address the allegations surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings. Cruz asserts that it is the duty of the media to impartially report on such matters, regardless of political affiliation. By choosing to ignore these allegations, Cruz argues that the CNN anchor compromises the public’s trust in the media and undermines the principles of journalism.

Cruz’s Response to CNN Anchor’s Lack of Reporting on Biden Family Business Dealings

Cruz takes particular issue with the CNN anchor’s failure to address the bribery allegations against Joe Biden and his family. He highlights the media’s indifference towards these allegations, accusing them of turning a blind eye to potential corruption. Cruz stresses that the allegations are not just about Hunter Biden selling access, but also about him selling official favors from his father, Joe Biden. Cruz references an FBI form, FD-1023, which reportedly states that an oligarch paid millions of dollars to both Hunter and Joe Biden in exchange for Joe Biden’s help in getting rid of a prosecutor investigating the oligarch’s company. Cruz argues that this constitutes bribery, which is the essence of a quid pro quo, and Joe Biden and Hunter Biden should be held accountable for their actions.

The Importance of Investigating Money Laundering and Bribery

Cruz agrees with the need for a full investigation into money laundering and bribery, given the serious nature of the allegations against the Biden family. He expresses concern over the unequal application of justice and doubts the willingness of the Department of Justice to investigate the Biden allegations. Cruz believes that the allegations, if true, could be the biggest bribery and corruption scandal in the history of the country. He emphasizes the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of their political affiliations. Cruz argues that equal justice and the impartial application of the law should be upheld by all, including the Department of Justice.

Evidence of Bribery and Corruption in the Biden Family

To support his claims of bribery and corruption, Cruz highlights recent revelations regarding payments made to the Biden family. He asserts that bank records show that more than $20 million went to Joe Biden’s family, including his brother, son, and the widow of his deceased son. Cruz points out that these payments were made through shell corporations, which are legal fictions often used to launder money and hide illicit funds. He emphasizes the unprecedented nature of these allegations, stating that no other politician in the history of the country has been involved in similar allegations. The magnitude of the alleged corruption is underscored by the vast sums of money involved and the involvement of foreign sources.

Contrast with Other Politicians

Cruz draws a sharp contrast between the allegations against the Biden family and the actions of other politicians. He emphasizes that no other politician, whether Republican or Democrat, has been involved in anything remotely similar to what is alleged in this case. Cruz points out that the Biden family sought money from foreign sources, particularly Chinese communists and corrupt oligarchs. He questions why they would seek money from such questionable sources instead of from allies or friends of America. Cruz argues that the level of corruption alleged in this case is unprecedented and should be taken seriously by the media and the public.

Personal Experience and Opinion

Senator Ted Cruz shares his personal experience and opinions on the matter, adding a personal touch to his criticism. He shares his disbelief at the amounts of money involved in the allegations against the Biden family. Cruz expresses his frustration at the lack of action and investigation from the Department of Justice, highlighting his skepticism regarding equal justice and the application of the law. He also relates to the general public by humorously mentioning his own lack of experience in receiving corrupt foreign transfers. Cruz underlines the importance of holding corrupt individuals accountable, regardless of their position or political affiliation, to maintain the integrity of the government.


In conclusion, Senator Ted Cruz’s criticism of the CNN anchor’s lack of journalistic integrity sheds light on the importance of unbiased reporting and the responsibility of the media to address allegations of corruption. Cruz’s response to the lack of reporting on the Biden family’s business dealings highlights the need for a full investigation into money laundering and bribery. Evidence of bribery and corruption in the Biden family further emphasizes the severity of the allegations. By contrasting these allegations with the actions of other politicians, Cruz underscores the unprecedented nature of the case. Finally, Cruz’s personal experiences and opinions add a relatable and passionate dimension to his criticism. Overall, Cruz’s call for accountability and equal justice resonates with those who value the integrity of the government and the integrity of the media.