I will not rest until we get answers: Rep. McCaul

In a recent video interview on Fox News, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul, expresses his determination to seek answers and accountability regarding the 13 service members killed in the Kabul Airport attack two years ago. McCaul emphasizes the importance of providing answers to the families of the fallen and the American people, stating that he will not rest until they have a clear understanding of what went wrong and why. The interview highlights the ongoing efforts of the committee to obtain documents, subpoena witnesses, and uncover the truth behind the failed evacuation operation. McCaul also discusses revelations from a new book that reveals U.S. intelligence had identified the threat of an attack on Abbey Gate, but their requests for an airstrike were denied, leading to the tragic loss of life. The interview concludes with McCaul expressing concern over funding flowing to the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and the potential release of frozen assets to Iran, raising questions about their use in supporting terrorism and nuclear ambitions. Overall, the interview sheds light on the chairman’s unwavering determination to seek justice and accountability in the face of these critical issues.

I will not rest until we get answers: Rep. McCaul

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul is a man on a mission. He is determined to uncover the truth behind the devastating attack on Kabul Airport on August 26th, 2021. As the chairman of the committee responsible for overseeing U.S. foreign affairs, Rep. McCaul knows that it is his duty to seek answers and hold those responsible accountable.


The attack on Kabul Airport sent shockwaves around the world. It was an act of terrorism that claimed the lives of 13 U.S. service members and wounded many others. The attack was carried out by ISIS-K, a branch of the Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This tragic event not only highlighted the ongoing instability in the region but also raised questions about the intelligence and security measures in place.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul seeks answers

Rep. McCaul is a seasoned politician who has dedicated his career to serving the American people. He understands the importance of robust oversight and taking action to prevent similar incidents in the future. As the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he has the power to launch investigations and demand answers from the relevant agencies and departments.

Committee investigation into Kabul Airport attack

The House Foreign Affairs Committee wasted no time in launching an investigation into the Kabul Airport attack. The goal of this investigation is to determine the events leading up to the attack, evaluate the intelligence gathered, and assess the response of the U.S. government. Rep. McCaul and his fellow committee members know that a thorough examination of the facts is crucial to preventing future attacks and protecting American lives.

Importance of accountability and transparency

One of the key principles that Rep. McCaul stands for is accountability. He firmly believes that those responsible for the failures leading up to the Kabul Airport attack must be held accountable. This includes not only the individuals on the ground but also the policymakers and decision-makers who shaped the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. Transparency is also vital in the aftermath of such a tragic event. The American people deserve to know the truth so that they can have confidence in their government and its actions.

Gold star families as witnesses

Throughout the committee’s investigation, Rep. McCaul has made it a point to listen to the voices of the Gold Star families. These families have experienced the ultimate sacrifice, losing a loved one in service to their country. Their firsthand accounts and perspectives are invaluable in understanding the full impact of the Kabul Airport attack. Rep. McCaul has ensured that these families have a platform to tell their stories and to ask their own questions. By centering the experiences of the Gold Star families, Rep. McCaul demonstrates his commitment to honoring their sacrifice and finding the truth.

Testimony of Tyler Andrew Vargas

One particularly powerful testimony during the committee’s investigation came from Tyler Andrew Vargas, a Marine who served in Afghanistan. In his emotional statement, Vargas recounted the chaos and confusion he witnessed during the attack. He described the rapid escalation of violence and the desperate attempts to save lives. Vargas’s testimony humanized the tragedy and underscored the urgent need for answers.

U.S intelligence had Isis K in their sights

As the investigation unfolded, it became apparent that U.S. intelligence had been aware of the threat posed by ISIS-K leading up to the attack. Multiple reports indicated that the intelligence community had identified specific plots and warned of the potential for an attack on Kabul Airport. This raises a critical question: why was the attack not prevented? Rep. McCaul has been unwavering in his pursuit of the truth and holding those responsible for the intelligence failures accountable.

Denial of U.S airstrike to take out forces

Another concerning revelation that emerged from the committee’s investigation was the denial of a U.S. airstrike to eliminate ISIS-K forces before they could carry out the attack. Reports suggest that military officials had recommended targeting the terrorists responsible for the imminent threat. However, the request for the airstrike was denied, leaving the door open for the tragic events at Kabul Airport to unfold. Rep. McCaul is determined to understand why this decision was made and whether it could have been prevented.


Rep. McCaul’s tireless pursuit of answers regarding the Kabul Airport attack is commendable. He has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to accountability, transparency, and listening to the voices of those affected by the tragedy. The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s investigation has shed light on the intelligence failures and decision-making processes that led to the attack. It is now up to Rep. McCaul and his fellow committee members to ensure that their findings lead to meaningful changes in U.S. foreign policy and intelligence practices. As a nation, we cannot afford to forget the lessons learned from this tragedy and must work towards a safer and more secure future.