GOP rep criticizes David Weiss appointment in Hunter Biden probe

Hey there! Let’s talk about an interesting development in the ongoing Hunter Biden probe. A GOP representative, Harriet Hageman, has criticized the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel by the DOJ. According to her, this appointment demonstrates a level of desperation on their part, highlighting the fact that Weiss has failed to hold Hunter Biden accountable for his alleged illegal acts in the past. In her discussion with Fox News, Hageman also addressed Hunter Biden’s business dealings, his admitted addiction to drugs, and questioned why certain countries would hire him for millions when he seemingly had no skill set other than his connection to Joe Biden. Additionally, Hageman expressed her concerns about potential election interference and the shielding of evidence against former President Trump during his legal challenges. Overall, this article explores the GOP representative’s perspective on Hunter Biden’s case, the appointment of a special counsel, and the legal challenges faced by President Trump.

GOP representative criticizes David Weiss appointment in Hunter Biden probe


In recent news, the appointment of David Weiss as the lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden probe has faced criticism from GOP representative Harriet Hageman. Hageman has raised concerns about Weiss’ impartiality and the potential for biased investigations. This article will delve into the background of the Hunter Biden investigation, Hageman’s views on his business dealings, her criticism of Weiss’ appointment, assessment of Hunter Biden’s actions, and her perspective on the appointment of a special counsel.


The Hunter Biden probe stems from allegations of shady business dealings involving the son of President Joe Biden. The investigation focuses on Hunter Biden’s overseas financial activities, primarily in Ukraine and China. It was initiated during the Trump administration, with the former president urging Ukrainian officials to investigate Hunter Biden’s connections to a Ukrainian gas company. The probe has remained a contentious issue, with both Democrats and Republicans offering differing opinions on its validity and purpose.

Rep. Harriet Hageman’s views on Hunter Biden’s business dealings

Rep. Hageman has been vocal in criticizing Hunter Biden’s business dealings, suggesting that they raise serious questions about potential conflicts of interest. She argues that Hunter Biden’s international ventures created opportunities for foreign entities to gain influence over his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden. Hageman has pointed to Hunter Biden’s lucrative board position at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings as a prime example of a potential conflict of interest. She believes that the Biden family’s business dealings require further scrutiny to ensure transparency and accountability.

Rep. Harriet Hageman’s criticism of the DOJ’s appointment of David Weiss

Hageman’s criticism of the Department of Justice’s appointment of David Weiss in the Hunter Biden probe centers around concerns of impartiality. Weiss, a career federal prosecutor, has faced allegations of political bias due to his previous role as a First Assistant United States Attorney. While Hageman acknowledges Weiss’ expertise and experience, she questions his ability to conduct an unbiased investigation given his past position. Hageman contends that the American people deserve an impartial investigation, free from any potential biases or conflicts of interest.

Rep. Harriet Hageman’s criticism of Trump’s multiple indictments

Hageman has criticized former President Trump’s approach to multiple indictments during his tenure, citing concerns about potential abuses of power. She argues that Trump’s inclination to use indictments as a political tool undermines the integrity and independence of the justice system. Hageman asserts that Trump’s actions set a dangerous precedent, where indictments are weaponized for political gain rather than serving justice. She believes that the justice system should remain separate from political influence and be guided by facts, evidence, and the rule of law.

Assessment of Hunter Biden’s actions

Hageman’s assessment of Hunter Biden’s actions portrays a deep skepticism regarding potential conflicts of interest and questionable business practices. She insists that Hunter Biden’s involvement in foreign business ventures, particularly in Ukraine and China, raises red flags about his motivations and the potential for compromised decision-making by his father. Hageman argues that the American people deserve transparency and full disclosure to ensure that elected officials are not beholden to foreign interests. She urges a thorough examination of Hunter Biden’s actions to ensure that the integrity of the presidency remains intact.

Questions raised about Hunter Biden’s qualifications and services provided

Another aspect of Hageman’s criticism revolves around the qualifications and services provided by Hunter Biden in his various business endeavors. She questions his expertise and experience in certain industries, especially in relation to the lucrative board position he held at Burisma Holdings. Hageman highlights concerns over potential nepotism and suggests that Hunter Biden may have been afforded these opportunities solely due to his family name. This scrutiny raises legitimate questions about whether Hunter Biden was qualified to provide the services he was hired for, or if his involvement was merely a result of his familial connections.

Rep. Harriet Hageman’s assessment of the appointment of a special counsel

Regarding the appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe, Hageman stresses the importance of an independent and impartial investigation. She believes that such a probe is necessary to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and to ensure that justice is served objectively. Hageman argues that a special counsel is the appropriate mechanism to oversee the investigation, as it would provide the necessary distance from political pressures and affiliations. She calls for a comprehensive and fair examination of the facts, allowing the American people to have confidence in the outcome of the investigation.


Representative Harriet Hageman’s criticism of David Weiss’ appointment in the Hunter Biden probe reflects concerns about impartiality and potential political bias. Her assessment of Hunter Biden’s business dealings raises questions about conflicts of interest and nepotism. Hageman calls for a thorough examination of the facts and an independent investigation to ensure accountability and transparency. Regardless of political affiliations, the appointment of a special counsel may be crucial in achieving a fair and impartial outcome in this highly contentious investigation. The American people deserve clarity and confidence that justice will prevail without any partisan influences.