Could these spider bites really give men permanent erections?

In a recent episode of ‘Gutfeld!’ on Fox News, host Greg Gutfeld and his guests discussed a peculiar story about a grocery store in Austria that allegedly closed due to spiders found in bananas. What makes this story even more intriguing is the claim that the spider’s bite could result in permanent erections for men. While some dismissed the story as made-up, others entertained the possibility, sharing their humorous perspectives on the situation. Amidst the banter, Gutfeld and his guests shed light on Austria as its own country and emphasized that this bizarre incident should not overshadow the fact that it is a beautiful place worthy of exploration. With amusing jokes and witty commentary, the segment left viewers entertained and chuckling at the unusual topic.

The discussion on ‘Gutfeld!’ sparked laughter and piqued curiosity about the potential effects of spider bites. While some may find it hard to believe, the concept of enduring permanent erections from spider venom captivated the attention of viewers. The lighthearted banter among the show’s panelists added levity to the situation, focusing on the humor rather than the potential medical implications. As the conversation unfolded, the hosts navigated through amusing tangents, including mistaken identities of Austria and humorous comparisons to other countries. Overall, the segment provided an entertaining twist to a seemingly unbelievable story.

Could these spider bites really give men permanent erections?


In a recent episode of ‘Gutfeld!’, Greg Gutfeld and his guests discussed an outrageous story coming from Austria. According to reports, a grocery store in Austria was forced to close after spiders were found in bananas, and the bite from these spiders could allegedly result in permanent erections for men. This peculiar and seemingly unbelievable story caught the attention of viewers, leading to a lively discussion on the show.

Discussion on the alleged incident in Austria

The discussion began with skepticism from one of the guests, Cat, who believed that the story was made up. She theorized that it might have originated from a man who had an unexpected erection and quickly attributed it to the spider bite from a banana. Her theory was further supported by the fact that several men came forward, claiming to have experienced the same phenomenon. The panel of guests expressed their doubts about the authenticity of the story, but they couldn’t deny the entertainment value it offered.

Opinions from the guests on the story’s authenticity

The guests continued to share their opinions on the story, with most of them leaning towards the idea that it was just a wild exaggeration. They humorously highlighted the absurdity of men seeking out spider bites for the sake of a longer-lasting erection. It was clear that the guests found the concept both amusing and incredulous.

Expert opinion on spider bites and erections

To shed some light on the matter, an expert was invited to share their professional opinion on spider bites and their potential effects on male physiology. The expert confirmed that spider bites can indeed cause erections, although they clarified that the duration of these erections is often exaggerated. They also warned of potential dangers and consequences associated with such incidents, including the risk of infection or other adverse health effects.

Exploring the potential dangers and consequences

While the idea of a spider bite inducing an erection may initially sound amusing, the expert emphasized the potential dangers and health risks involved. They explained that prolonged erections, known as priapism, can lead to tissue damage and even permanent erectile dysfunction if not properly treated. It became clear that the alleged incident in Austria, if true, carried serious implications beyond just the novelty of the situation.

Misconceptions and humorous reactions

Despite the serious nature of the potential health risks, the discussion on the show couldn’t help but bring in a lighthearted, humorous element. The guests shared their amusing reactions to the concept of spider-induced erections, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. It became evident that the story had captured the imagination of many, albeit in a comical way.

Clarifying the difference between Austria and Australia

During the discussion, the show’s host, Greg Gutfeld, expressed his confusion between Austria and Australia. He jokingly questioned if Austria was still a real country, referencing the common mix-up between the two nations. The panel quickly clarified that Austria is, in fact, a distinct country and not to be mistaken for Australia. This light-hearted exchange added a touch of humor to the conversation and highlighted the need for geographical knowledge.

Brief overview of Austria as a country

To provide a brief overview of Austria, the panel briefly discussed its history and cultural significance. They mentioned Austria’s status as an independent country since the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its rich cultural heritage, including its association with classical music and the famous movie, “The Sound of Music.” The guests shared their positive experiences of visiting Austria, emphasizing its charm as a travel destination.

Wrap-up of the spider bite story

As the discussion on the spider bite story came to a close, the panel concluded that while it had comedic value, it was crucial to understand the potential risks involved. The show highlighted the need for accurate information and responsible behavior, discouraging individuals from seeking out dangerous encounters for the sake of a temporary effect. The guests brought a balanced perspective to the story, reminding viewers to consider the implications beyond the initial amusement.

Humorous closing remarks from the show’s host

In typical fashion, the show’s host, Greg Gutfeld, closed the segment with some light-hearted and witty remarks. He expressed his relief at not having to discuss the spider bite story in depth, diverting the attention towards a more humorous direction. His witty banter showcased the playful tone of the show and left viewers with a smile on their faces.

In conclusion, the discussion on whether spider bites could really give men permanent erections provided an entertaining and light-hearted moment on ‘Gutfeld!’. While the authenticity of the incident in Austria may be subject to debate, it served as a reminder to approach sensational stories with a healthy dose of skepticism. The panel and the expert brought valuable insights that balanced the humor with the potential risks involved. Ultimately, the segment left viewers entertained and encouraged them to seek reliable information before believing extraordinary claims.