Business owner speaks out on viral 7-Eleven beatdown video

You recently came across a viral video of a 7-Eleven beatdown, and now the man who filmed the incident is speaking out. Louis ‘Deda’ Benton, a local business owner, appeared on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to give his account of what happened leading up to the 7-Eleven workers hitting a would-be robber with a stick. The video caught the attention of many, and Benton shares his perspective on the incident. Additionally, in an unrelated matter, Washington D.C. is facing a significant rise in crime rates, with 161 homicides recorded so far this year. Councilman Treyon White held a press conference and urged for a change in approach, highlighting the need for police reform and community involvement. The appointment of U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves has been met with controversy, as he declined to prosecute 67% of the cases brought to him. These events raise questions about the effectiveness of current policies and whether Democrats are finally waking up to the consequences.

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Background Information

Man who filmed viral 7-Eleven beatdown video speaks out

Video By Fox News

Business owner Louis ‘Deda’ Benton explains what led up to two 7-Eleven workers hitting a would-be robber with a stick on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

FOX News Channel (FNC) overview

In recent times, there has been a concerning increase in crime rates, particularly in Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. The city has experienced a recorded increase in homicides, with the number of killings reaching as high as 161 this year, surpassing the total number of murders in 2018. This surge in crime has prompted discussions on the necessity for stronger measures to combat criminal activities and ensure the safety of the residents.

Addressing the issue, D.C. councilman Treyon White held a press conference, highlighting the need for additional support beyond the police force, suggesting the involvement of the DC National Guard. White believes that police alone cannot effectively address the prevailing situation and emphasizes the importance of restoring order and love within the community.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the approach of the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney in D.C., Matthew Graves, regarding the prosecution of January 6 defendants. While his aggressive stance on those cases is evident, statistics reveal that Graves has refused to prosecute 67 percent of the cases brought to his attention. This refusal has raised questions regarding its impact on the overall crime rate in the city.

Refusal to Prosecute Crime Cases

Percentage of cases refused by the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney in D.C.

Impact of the refusal on the city’s crime rate

The refusal to prosecute criminal cases under the Biden administration has become a topic of concern, particularly in Washington D.C. The statistics indicate that the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney in D.C., Matthew Graves, has declined to prosecute a significant percentage of cases. This refusal raises questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts and the potential impact on the crime rate in the city.

By refusing to prosecute a notable fraction of cases, there is a risk of perpetuating a cycle of criminal activities. Without appropriate legal consequences, criminals may feel emboldened to continue their unlawful actions, knowing that they are less likely to face prosecution. This can have severe implications for public safety and the overall well-being of the community.

It is essential to address this issue and find a balance between fair and just prosecution and understanding the underlying factors contributing to criminal behavior. The refusal to prosecute cases should not be viewed lightly, as it can have detrimental effects on the city’s crime rate and its residents’ sense of security.

Introduction of the 7-Eleven Beatdown Video

Description of the viral video

Initial reports on the investigation of the 7-Eleven clerks

Confirmation from the D.A. regarding the investigation

Explanation of the suspect’s threat towards the workers

Among the many incidents that have gained attention in recent times, a viral video depicting a beatdown at a 7-Eleven store has captivated the public’s attention. In the video, two clerks are seen using a stick to defend themselves against a would-be robber.

Following the release of the video, initial reports suggested that the two clerks involved in the incident were being investigated for assault. However, the District Attorney (D.A.) confirmed that the investigation was focused solely on the suspect who had reportedly threatened to shoot one of the workers. This confirmation sheds light on the situation and clarifies that the clerks’ actions were in self-defense.

The video clearly demonstrates the threatening nature of the suspect’s actions towards the workers. It is essential to consider the context and the potential danger the clerks faced during the encounter. The workers, facing an immediate threat to their lives, acted to protect themselves and ensure their safety.

Interview with Louis ‘Deda’ Benton

Lewis Dita Benton’s role as a business owner

Background of the incident from Benton’s perspective

Previous vandalism incidents at Benton’s store

Response to the Modesto Bee’s editorial board critique

Benton’s assessment of the clerks’ actions

Concerns about potential loss of life or legal consequences

Call for policy changes and increased voting participation

To gain a deeper understanding of the incident and the factors that led to the 7-Eleven beatdown, an interview was conducted with Lewis ‘Deda’ Benton. Benton, a local business owner in Stockton, California, shed light on the incident from his perspective.

As a business owner, Benton is acutely aware of the challenges faced in his community. He shared the concerning history of vandalism incidents at his store, including break-ins and theft. These experiences have not only impacted Benton personally but have also highlighted the prevalence of criminal activities in the area.

Responding to criticism from the Modesto Bee’s editorial board, Benton emphasized the clerks’ use of a stick as a means of protection for the store. He dismissed the notion of excessive force, as the clerks only targeted the suspect below the waist, with the intention of preventing harm rather than causing it.

While Benton commends the clerks for their bravery and protection of their store, he expresses concerns about potential loss of life or legal consequences associated with such incidents. Benton believes that policy changes are necessary to address the underlying issues contributing to crime and advocates for increased voting participation to bring about impactful changes.

Revisiting the Issue of Crime in California

Persisting criminal activities in California

The need for a change in policies and approach

Importance of holding criminals accountable

Impact of the viral video on justice being served

The incident at the 7-Eleven store serves as a reminder of the persisting criminal activities in California. The state has been grappling with rising crime rates, necessitating a reevaluation of policies and approaches to address the root causes of these issues.

It is essential to hold criminals accountable for their actions. Through fair and just legal processes, society can ensure that perpetrators face appropriate consequences for their crimes. The viral video showcasing the clerks’ actions has sparked a conversation on the role of individuals in taking a stand against criminal activities, irrespective of the potential risks involved.

The impact of the viral video extends beyond the immediate incident. It serves as a catalyst for justice being served and highlights the need for a balanced response to criminal behavior. The video resonates with individuals who are tired of being victims and sends a powerful message that “enough is enough.” It serves as a call to action for communities, law enforcement agencies, and legislators to address crime effectively and implement necessary changes.


Significance of the viral video as a display of ‘enough is enough’

Call for serious action against crime

The role of Democrats in understanding and addressing the situation

The viral 7-Eleven beatdown video holds immense significance as a visual representation of the sentiment that “enough is enough.” It showcases the collective frustration felt by individuals who have been subjected to crime and the need for serious action to ensure their safety. The public response to the video reflects a growing demand for change and a desire to create safer communities.

It is crucial for policymakers, regardless of political affiliation, to understand the gravity of the situation. The responsibility falls upon Democrats, among others, to address the issues plaguing their cities and implement effective measures to combat crime. By acknowledging the effects of their own policies and taking proactive steps, Democrats can contribute to creating safer environments for their constituents.

In conclusion, the incident captured in the viral video at the 7-Eleven store serves as a catalyst for change. It highlights the need for policy revisions, increased accountability, and an active role in combating crime. By addressing these issues head-on, communities can create safer environments that foster growth and prosperity. The viral video acts as a poignant reminder that the time for action is now.