Biden’s DOJ ‘Shopping’ for a Judge for Hunter Biden: Ned Ryun

In a recent interview on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime,’ American Majority founder Ned Ryun claims that the Department of Justice under President Biden is actively searching for a judge who will support and endorse the alleged corruption involving Hunter Biden. Ryun argues that the DOJ is attempting to cover up their wrongdoing and protect the Biden family by finding a judge who will provide a veneer of legitimacy to their actions. He suggests that this behavior is an abuse of power and undermines the rule of law. Ryun further emphasizes the need for House Republicans to hold the DOJ accountable and continue their oversight to ensure justice and transparency within the federal government.


In a recent video on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ on Fox News, American Majority founder Ned Ryun provides his analysis of the Biden Justice Department’s actions regarding the hunt for a judge for Hunter Biden. Ryun argues that the DOJ is “shopping” for a judge to rubber stamp their corruption and cover-up efforts, rather than seeking justice. This article will delve into Ryun’s argument, the objectives of the DOJ, the implications of a potential cover-up, and the fallout from a sweetheart deal.

Background on Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is the founder of American Majority, an organization that aims to train conservative activists. As a political commentator, Ryun often provides insights and analyses on various political issues. With his experience and expertise, Ryun offers valuable perspectives on the actions and intentions of the Biden DOJ.

Biden’s DOJ ‘Shopping’ for a Judge

Ned Ryun’s argument

According to Ned Ryun, the Biden Justice Department is actively searching for a judge who will provide a rubber stamp for their corrupt actions. Ryun believes that the DOJ’s intentions are not aligned with seeking justice or uncovering the truth but rather protecting its allies and punishing its opponents.

Objective of the DOJ

The primary objective of the DOJ, as Ryun argues, is to cover up the corruption and protect the Biden family. The DOJ’s actions, including the hunt for a judge, are part of a larger protection racket for the Bidens. By finding a judge who will clear their actions and provide a veneer of respectability, the DOJ aims to make this corruption scandal go away.

Cover-up and corruption

Ryun asserts that the DOJ’s efforts to find a judge are linked to the collapse of a sweetheart deal intended to make Hunter Biden’s issues disappear. The purpose of this sweetheart deal was not only to shield Hunter Biden but also to block any investigations that could lead to the “big guy” himself, Joe Biden. By seeking a judge to approve their actions, the DOJ aims to continue covering up the corruption within the Biden family.

Sweetheart deal fallout

The failure of the sweetheart deal has prompted the Biden DOJ to look for alternative methods to protect the Bidens. As the cover-up strategy evolves, the search for a judge becomes crucial. This shift signifies the DOJ’s determination to shield its allies and prevent any further investigations that may implicate Joe Biden.

Finding a judge to rubber stamp

Ryun suggests that the DOJ may target judges who are motivated by ambition rather than upholding the law. By offering a judge a way to advance their career, the DOJ aims to secure a rubber stamp for their corrupted actions. This approach allows the DOJ to maintain a facade of respectability and claim that their actions have been thoroughly examined by a judge.

Veneer of respectability

The DOJ’s search for a judge serves to give their actions a veneer of respectability. By pushing for a judge to clear everything, the DOJ can claim that their investigations and actions have been approved by an impartial judicial authority. However, Ryun argues that this search for a judge has nothing to do with justice or truth but instead focuses on protecting corrupt individuals and punishing their opponents.

DOJ’s use of power

Ryun points out the misuse of power by the DOJ in their pursuit of a judge to validate their actions. The DOJ, with its authority and resources, can manipulate the legal system to protect allies and target adversaries. This abuse of power undermines the fairness and integrity of the justice system, calling into question the DOJ’s commitment to upholding the law.

Garland’s memo

Ryun highlights the importance of examining Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo regarding the discretion of the DOJ. This memo may shed light on whether the DOJ is allowed to pursue leads that flow to Joe Biden or if they are intentionally disregarding potential evidence of corruption. Ryun expresses doubts about the memo and its implications for the DOJ’s investigations.

House Republicans’ response

Ryun emphasizes the role of House Republicans in addressing the corruption and cover-up attempts by the Biden DOJ. He urges House Republicans to continue performing their oversight duties as outlined in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. They should not back off from their investigations and should push for accountability.

Calls for Contempt and Impeachment

Accountability for Garland

Accountability for Attorney General Merrick Garland is crucial, according to Ryun. He argues that Garland’s lack of interest in upholding the rule of law and ensuring equal application of the law makes him unfit to hold the position of Attorney General. The focus should be on holding Garland accountable for his actions and decisions.

Bringing Garland for a hearing

Ryun suggests that House Republicans should bring Garland in for a hearing as soon as they return from their vacation in September. This hearing would provide an opportunity to question Garland about his actions and decision-making processes. It would also expose any attempts by Garland to evade or obfuscate the truth.

Moving towards contempt

To hold Garland accountable, Ryun proposes that House Republicans move towards holding him in contempt for his actions. Holding Garland in contempt would demonstrate that his behavior is unacceptable and that he must answer for his actions. It is a necessary step in ensuring accountability within the Justice Department.

Impeachment as a step forward

Ryun argues that if holding Garland in contempt is not enough, House Republicans should consider impeachment as a further step. Impeachment would signal that Garland’s actions and abuse of power are severe enough to warrant removal from his position as Attorney General. Impeachment would serve as a significant statement against the corruption and cover-up attempts within the Biden administration.

Garland’s lack of interest in upholding the law

Ryun highlights Garland’s lack of interest in upholding the rule of law and ensuring equal application. He accuses Garland of using the law and the Department of Justice as a weapon and political tool rather than pursuing justice impartially. This behavior further justifies the calls for contempt and impeachment against Garland.

Making a mockery of the Constitution

Ryun argues that Garland’s actions and the Biden DOJ’s cover-up attempts make a mockery of the Constitution. By undermining the rule of law, the DOJ and Garland jeopardize one of the key pillars of the country. This blatant disregard for the Constitution cannot be tolerated, and House Republicans must take action.

House Republicans’ responsibility

Ultimately, Ryun believes that House Republicans have a responsibility to go after Garland, as well as Joe Biden, for their actions. They should not tolerate obstruction of justice or cover-ups. By holding those responsible accountable, House Republicans can demonstrate their commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the integrity of the justice system.


Ned Ryun’s analysis of the Biden DOJ’s search for a judge emphasizes the ongoing corruption and cover-up attempts within the Biden administration. The search for a judge to rubber stamp their actions showcases the lengths to which the DOJ is willing to go to protect its allies and punish its opponents. Calls for contempt and possibly impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland highlight the need for accountability within the Department of Justice. House Republicans have a responsibility to uphold the rule of law and protect the Constitution from mockery. By taking action against Garland and Biden, they can send a strong message against corruption and cover-ups.