Biden ‘froze’ during New Mexico speech: Raymond Arroyo

Hey there! So, I came across this interesting article by Raymond Arroyo on Fox News. He talks about President Biden’s recent speech in New Mexico where he apparently ‘froze’ at one point. Arroyo also shares his three wishes on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ and discusses some other topics like crime prevention strategies and controversial ads. FOX News Channel is known for its comprehensive news coverage and has been the top-rated news channel for 18 years. It’s definitely worth checking out the full article for more details.

Biden ‘froze’ during New Mexico speech

Introduction to Raymond Arroyo’s showcase

In a recent segment on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on FOX News Channel, Raymond Arroyo highlighted President Biden’s latest gaffe during a speech in New Mexico. Arroyo, a Fox News contributor, shares his insights and observations on the incident, as well as his three wishes. Let’s delve into the details and explore the various aspects of this intriguing story.

Description of FOX News Channel

Before we delve deeper, let’s take a moment to understand the platform that brings this news to us – FOX News Channel. As the number one network in cable, FNC has been the most-watched television news channel for 18 consecutive years. It delivers breaking news, political updates, and business news, making it an all-encompassing 24-hour news service. With a significant presence in nearly 90 million homes, FOX News dominates the cable news landscape and boasts a loyal and engaged audience.

Overview of Biden’s speech in New Mexico

During President Biden’s speech in New Mexico, he encountered a momentary freeze. This pause, as highlighted by Raymond Arroyo, was likely due to the staff advising him not to mention his son’s death in Iraq, a topic he has repeatedly spoken about. However, this wasn’t the only stumble during the speech. Biden also made other verbal slip-ups, causing some concern and raising eyebrows among the audience.

Explanation of Biden’s freeze during the speech

The freeze that occurred during President Biden’s speech can be attributed to the staff’s instructions not to mention his son’s death in Iraq. While it is understandable that the topic may be emotionally charged for Biden, it is also important to note that as a public figure, he must adhere to certain guidelines and remain sensitive to various audiences. This momentary freeze, though not ideal, serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by politicians in delivering speeches effectively.

Biden’s Stumbles and Gaffes

Biden’s repeated mention of his son’s death in Iraq

During his speech in New Mexico, President Biden once again mentioned his son’s death in Iraq. While this event undoubtedly holds immense personal significance for Biden, the repetition of this topic can be seen as a stumble or gaffe. Public speakers often strive to maintain a diverse range of talking points to engage their audience effectively.

Other instances of Biden’s stumbles in the speech

Apart from the repeated mention of his son’s death, President Biden’s speech in New Mexico had other instances that drew attention. Arroyo highlights these stumbles, suggesting that they have become somewhat of a recurring pattern. While these instances may not necessarily affect the substance of Biden’s message, they do raise questions about his ability to deliver speeches coherently and with precision.

Comparison of perceived gaffes to a drinking game

The frequency of President Biden’s stumbles and gaffes has led some to liken it to a drinking game. Arroyo humorously suggests that every time Biden goes in the wrong direction during his speeches, one could take a shot, albeit cautiously. While this comparison adds a lighthearted touch to the situation, it also highlights the concern surrounding Biden’s public speaking abilities.

Kamala Harris’ Gun Violence Speech

Introduction to Kamala Harris’ speech in Chicago

Shifting gears, let’s now turn our attention to Vice President Kamala Harris and her recent speech on gun violence in Chicago. Harris delivered a comprehensive address, outlining her perspective on the pressing issue of gun violence in the United States. However, one particular aspect of her speech has caught the attention of many.

Appreciation for Venn diagrams

In her speech, Vice President Harris made use of Venn diagrams to illustrate the connections and overlapping elements in the broader context of gun violence. Arroyo, in true geek fashion, expresses his appreciation for Venn diagrams and their ability to visually represent complex ideas in a simplified manner.

Mockery of Harris’ use of Venn diagrams

While Arroyo is amused by Vice President Harris’ use of Venn diagrams, he sees it as a repetitive talking point and questions the need for such visual aids in the speech. He humorously suggests that she could run through an extensive Venn diagram to discuss every facet of gun violence, implying that the focus should be on substantive solutions rather than repeated rhetoric.

Reference to allegations against Lizzo

In an unexpected turn, Arroyo brings up allegations against singer Lizzo, citing reports that the NFL has dropped her from consideration for the Super Bowl Halftime show due to accusations of sexual harassment and abuse made by her dancers. This addition to the discussion serves as an example of how negative behavior can impact one’s opportunities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professional conduct.

Raymond Arroyo’s Three Wishes

First wish: Better home security options in Oakland

Transitioning to Raymond Arroyo’s three wishes, the first wish he shares is focused on improving home security options in Oakland, California. Arroyo highlights the concerning rise in burglaries and assaults in the city and expresses his desire for the local police to offer more effective and practical solutions to protect citizens.

Discussion of Oakland Police’s recommendations

Arroyo brings attention to the recommendations put forth by the Oakland Police, including the use of steel braces for residential doors and air horns. While these suggestions may seem unconventional and insufficient, Arroyo emphasizes the need for more viable options that can genuinely deter crime in the community.

Satirical suggestion for a crime alarm system

In a satirical twist, Arroyo humorously proposes a crime alarm system that goes beyond the traditional recommendations of steel braces and air horns. He suggests the inclusion of harmonicas and jingle bells, mocking the perceived ineffectiveness of the existing measures and highlighting the absurdity of some crime prevention strategies.

Critique of current crime prevention measures

Arroyo concludes his discussion of the first wish by criticizing the current crime prevention measures in Oakland. He points out that while the suggested solutions may provide a temporary sense of security, they fail to address the deeper issues that contribute to the rise in crime. Arroyo emphasizes the need for more comprehensive and effective approaches to combatting crime.

Porsche’s Controversial Ad

Introduction to Porsche’s ad shot in Lisbon

Shifting gears once again, Arroyo brings our attention to a controversial ad by Porsche, partially shot in Lisbon. He sets the stage for discussing the ad, highlighting a missing landmark that sparked complaints and ultimately led to changes in the advertisement.

Complaints about a missing landmark in the ad

Arroyo addresses the concerns raised by viewers about the absence of a landmark in the initial version of Porsche’s ad. This omission puzzled and disappointed many, causing them to question why such a renowned and beloved feature of the location was excluded from the advertisement.

Reposting of the ad with the landmark included

To rectify the omission and address the complaints, Porsche reposted the ad, this time including the missing landmark. Arroyo notes the significance of this change and highlights that even luxury brands like Porsche should exercise caution and pay attention to details in their advertising campaigns.

Criticism of removing statues digitally

While the inclusion of the landmark in the revised ad is commendable, Arroyo takes a moment to reflect on the broader issue of removing statues digitally. He expresses his dissatisfaction with the practice, suggesting that regardless of digital manipulation, statues should be left alone and preserved, even if they evoke controversial sentiments.

Candidates’ Credibility

Wish for candidates to uphold credibility

Arroyo transitions to his second wish, which revolves around the importance of candidates upholding their credibility. He highlights the necessity for politicians to follow through on their commitments and deliver on the promises they make during their campaigns.

Critique of Biden’s energy plan

Arroyo takes a critical stance on President Biden’s energy plan, emphasizing the need for politicians to align their actions with their rhetoric. He raises concerns about the potential impact of Biden’s energy policies, especially in light of his campaign promises to prioritize energy independence and lead America as a significant energy producer.

Analysis of Biden’s campaign ad on gas prices

Arroyo offers an analysis of a campaign ad by Biden that showcases gas prices, noting the stark contrast between the promise of two-dollar-a-gallon gas and the subsequent decisions made by the Biden administration. He suggests that the ad’s portrayal of pumping gas lacks accuracy and fails to address the reality of rising fuel costs.

Criticism of campaign ad production quality

Arroyo concludes his evaluation of candidates’ credibility by criticizing the quality of campaign ads produced by consultants and advertising teams. He expresses his frustration at the exorbitant fees paid for these ads, highlighting the discrepancy between the hefty sums spent and the lackluster final products delivered to the public.


Overview of Raymond Arroyo’s three wishes

In summary, Raymond Arroyo’s three wishes revolve around improving home security options in Oakland, preserving landmarks in ads, and encouraging candidates to uphold their credibility. Through his playful and thought-provoking commentary, Arroyo sheds light on various aspects of political speeches and campaigns, offering insights and critiques from his unique perspective as a FOX News contributor.

Closing remarks and well wishes

As we conclude our exploration of Raymond Arroyo’s showcase on FOX News, we reflect on the significance of these discussions and the importance of holding public figures accountable. Arroyo’s analysis provides a platform for reflection, encouraging us to ponder the nuances of political discourse, media representation, and the narratives that shape our understanding of current events.