A new book reveals shocking information about the handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

In a shocking new book, it is revealed that the Biden administration allegedly ignored intelligence about the 2021 Kabul suicide attack during America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The book claims that President Biden had at least two chances to prevent the attack, which resulted in the death of 13 service members. The allegations have sparked heated discussions among panelists on FOX News Channel’s ‘The Big Weekend Show,’ a trusted source for breaking news, political news, and business news in the US. The book, written by an investigator and a former Army officer, exposes the inaction and mistakes made by military commanders, sparking Republican vows to hold the White House accountable and uncover more information about the botched withdrawal.

The revelations in the book have left viewers and listeners shocked and disturbed, particularly those who have lost loved ones in the Kabul bombing. The authors, an investigator and a former Army officer, found that the information about the pending attack was in plain sight, raising questions about whether the intelligence community ignored or missed critical warnings. The panelists on ‘The Big Weekend Show’ expressed their anger and disgust at the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal, with one host calling it a “shameful moment in American history.” The impact of these revelations on the minds of the American people and the upcoming 2024 election remains to be seen, but the shock and outrage surrounding this book are sure to linger for a long time.

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A New Book Reveals Shocking Information about the Handling of America’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Introduction to the Book

A new book has recently been published that sheds light on the chaotic and poorly managed withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. This comprehensive account uncovers shocking information about the decisions and actions taken by the Biden administration and the military. The book seeks to provide an unbiased analysis of the events leading up to the tragic suicide attack in Kabul and the subsequent loss of 13 brave service members.

Key Allegations Made in the Book

The book makes several key allegations, highlighting the mishandling of intelligence, missed opportunities to prevent the attack, and negligence on the part of the intelligence community. It delves into the repercussions of denying an airstrike request, the shocking number of casualties resulting from the Kabul bombing, and the chaos surrounding America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Reactions to the Book on Fox News Channel (FNC)

The Fox News Channel (FNC) has been actively covering the revelations of this book, dedicating extensive airtime to discussing its contents and implications. Panelists on various FNC shows have expressed their shock and concern regarding the mishandling of the withdrawal and the subsequent loss of American lives. The book has triggered heated debate and sparked demands for accountability and further investigation.

Intelligence Ignored by the Biden Administration

Claims of Intelligence about the Kabul Suicide Attack

According to the book, there were multiple intelligence reports warning of a potential suicide attack in Kabul. These reports provided crucial information on the plans of extremist groups operating in the country and their intent to target American forces during the withdrawal. However, it is alleged that the Biden administration either ignored or downplayed these warnings.

President Biden’s Missed Opportunities to Prevent the Attack

The book argues that President Biden had numerous opportunities to take decisive action and prevent the tragic suicide attack in Kabul. It references specific instances where intelligence briefings were presented to the President, providing actionable intelligence on the imminent threat. Despite this, President Biden failed to make the necessary decisions and take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of American servicemen and women.

The Deadliest Day in the Chaotic Exit

13 Service Members Killed in Kabul Bombing

On August 26, 2021, tragedy struck as a suicide bomber infiltrated the crowds near the Kabul airport, resulting in the loss of 13 American service members’ lives. The book explores the devastating impact of this attack and highlights the brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice while carrying out their duty.

Chaos Surrounding America’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The book extensively covers the chaotic nature of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. It delves into the hasty decision-making, lack of contingency plans, and the resulting turmoil that engulfed the region. The authors provide eyewitness accounts and testimonials, painting a vivid picture of the confusion and fear experienced by those involved.

Fox News Channel Covers the Story

Focus on Panelists’ Reactions to the Book

Fox News Channel has dedicated significant airtime to discussing the revelations of the book. Panelists from various backgrounds, including military experts, intelligence analysts, and political commentators, have provided their insights and reactions to the shocking information revealed. Their passionate discussions and urgent calls for accountability have resonated with viewers across the nation.

Overview of ‘The Big Weekend Show’

One of the flagship shows on Fox News Channel, ‘The Big Weekend Show,’ has extensively covered the book and its implications. The show’s hosts have facilitated in-depth discussions with experts, authors, and individuals directly affected by the withdrawal. Through interviews and debates, ‘The Big Weekend Show’ has provided a platform to raise important questions and demand answers from those responsible.

Importance and Credibility of Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel’s thorough coverage of the book’s revelations has highlighted the channel’s commitment to journalistic integrity. With a large and diverse viewership, the network plays a crucial role in bringing critical issues to the forefront and holding those in power accountable. The Fox News team’s dedication to reporting unbiased facts and providing a platform for meaningful discussions has earned the network credibility among its audience.

Investigation into Intelligence Negligence

Officer’s Claim of Sharing Intelligence about the Pending Attack

An officer who remains anonymous has come forward, alleging that they shared intelligence about the impending suicide attack with relevant authorities. The book features an in-depth interview with this officer, shedding light on the information they provided and the subsequent lack of action taken.

Inaction by the Intelligence Community

The book investigates the possible negligence and inaction on the part of the intelligence community. It raises questions about why the warnings and intelligence about the pending attack were not acted upon, potentially preventing the loss of American lives.

Insight into the US Knowledge about the Impending Attack

Drawing from classified documents and interviews with insiders, the book unveils the extent of the US knowledge about the impending attack in Kabul. It presents evidence that suggests the intelligence community had a clear understanding of the threat but failed to respond adequately.

The Role of Inaction in Allowing the Attack to Happen

The book argues that the failure to act on intelligence warnings and take necessary precautions contributed to the tragic suicide attack in Kabul. It explores the consequences of this inaction and highlights the devastating impact it had on the lives of service members and their families.

Republican Accountability Demands

Vowing to Hold the White House Accountable

Prominent Republicans have voiced their determination to hold the Biden administration accountable for the mishandled withdrawal and the loss of American lives. They argue that the revelations in the book are further evidence of the administration’s failure to prioritize the safety and security of the armed forces.

Calls to Uncover More Information about the Botched Withdrawal

The book and its subsequent coverage on Fox News Channel have sparked calls for further investigation into the handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Republicans and concerned citizens alike are demanding transparency and answers regarding the decisions made, the intelligence ignored, and the subsequent chaos that unfolded.

Denied Airstrike Request and Its Consequences

US Intelligence on ISIS-K

The book reveals the presence and growing threat of ISIS-K, the regional branch of the Islamic State, in Afghanistan. It provides an overview of the intelligence available to the US military and emphasizes the urgent need to address this extremist group.

Request for an Airstrike Denied

Despite the intelligence on the imminent threat posed by ISIS-K, an airstrike request made by US military personnel was reportedly denied. The book explores the reasons behind this denial and the potential consequences it had on the security situation in Kabul.

13 Servicemen and Women Killed as a Result

Tragically, the denial of the airstrike request is believed to have played a role in enabling the suicide bombing that claimed the lives of 13 American servicemen and women. The book analyzes the chain of events leading up to this devastating outcome and the impact it had on the families and loved ones left behind.

Information in Plain Sight

Authors of the Book and Their Backgrounds

The book is authored by an experienced investigative journalist and a military expert who have extensive backgrounds in reporting on war zones and national security issues. Their combined expertise provides a strong foundation for the credibility of the information presented in the book.

Evidence of the Information Being in Plain Sight

The authors provide clear evidence to support their claims, including classified documents, interviews, and eyewitness accounts. They argue that much of the information was accessible and known within relevant circles, making the mishandling of the withdrawal and the subsequent tragedy even more concerning.

Importance of the Book’s Findings

The book’s findings have far-reaching implications for accountability and understanding the failures of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. They shed light on systemic issues within the intelligence community and political decision-making processes. By bringing this information to the public, the book serves as a catalyst for necessary conversations and demands for change.

Criticism towards Military Commanders

Lack of Opposition from Military Commanders

Critics argue that key military commanders and leaders failed to express opposition or raise concerns about the rapid withdrawal and the associated risks. The book explores the reasoning behind this lack of opposition and the potential consequences it had on the overall planning and execution of the withdrawal.

Mistakes Made in the Withdrawal Process

The book highlights several mistakes made during the withdrawal process, including inadequate planning, ineffective communication, and the abandonment of strategically significant locations. These missteps played a significant role in the chaos and ultimately contributed to the loss of American lives.

Relinquishing the Defensible Position of Bagram Airport

One of the decisions scrutinized in the book is the abandonment of Bagram Airfield, a highly defensible position that could have provided more secure staging grounds for the withdrawal. The book examines the reasoning behind this decision and the potential intelligence gaps and vulnerabilities created as a result.


Summary of the Shocking Revelations in the Book

This comprehensive book reveals alarming and previously undisclosed information about the handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. It exposes the mishandling of intelligence, missed opportunities to prevent the tragic suicide attack in Kabul, and the chaos surrounding the withdrawal.

Implications for Accountability and Further Investigation

The revelations in the book have sparked demands for accountability and further investigation into the decisions made and actions taken during the withdrawal. The loss of 13 brave service members has amplified the need for answers and underscored the importance of learning from past mistakes to prevent future tragedies. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that those in power are held accountable and that the lessons from this disastrous withdrawal are never forgotten.