Relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna

R&B singer Rihanna and Hip-hop singer Chris Brown have dated for a while.

The relationship ended with Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna for which he has plead guilty in 2009.

Chris Brown’s attack on Rihanna, Brown’s arrest

In February 09, the L A Police Department has put Chris Brown under investigation over alleged assault after an unnamed woman (sources at that time said it is superstar Rihanna) accused him of domestic abuse. Chris admitted that anger drove him to hit her.


By February-end, media began reports that the two are back together. By March 09 it became apparent that two are indeed reunited which left domestic violence experts dismayed.

Chris was alleged to have tipped off paparazzi to show patch-up with Rihanna. Rihannas family was apparently unhappy over Brown’s patch-up. The two are back in Los Angeles after reportedly reconciling in Miami. Some reports on March 3, 09 suggested the two are hiding out in Beverly Hills from the eyes of the press.

Chris Brown arrest & court proceedings

Rihanna is found to be reluctant and is not ready to press assault charges against Brown.

Rihannas blood in Lamborghini is a solid proof of the alleged attack she suffered at his hands. A sworn affidavit from an LAPD detective detailing the alleged beating of Rihanna at the hands of Brown was released in March 09. Police say Brown punched Rihanna and threatened to kill her. Brown and his attorney Mark Geragos did not enter a plea to the two felony charges. The judge granted Brown’s request to move the arraignment to April 6, 2009. The proceedings took roughly 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Brown is charged with two felony counts in the case. If found guilty, Brown will have to serve a four year jail term. Rihanna’s lawyer said she will testify against Brown if subpoenaed.

In November 09, Brown slammed Rihanna for disclosing the details of their infamous row earlier this year.

In September, he cleaned horse dung in Virginia for the first day of his 180-day court-ordered community service. During the month, Brown posted a message on his Twitter account pleading for a second chance and saying he is incomplete without her.

Post-jail updates

In September 09, Rihanna is reported to have got ready with her new album that is all set to blast Brown.

In October 09, Brown carefully planned and made his comeback with a performance in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

On November 4, 2009, speaking to Glamour, Rihanna said I slept as Rihanna and woke up as Britney due to media frenzy after Brown attack.

On November 12, 2009, Rihanna appeared on 20/20 to discuss about Brown’s assault on her. During the month she revealed that she would not be going near the dating scene anytime soon after splitting from Brown but despite being violently attacked, she says she still loves Brown. She however feels it was wrong of her to reconcile with Brown after he was arrested for beating her up.

In November 09, Rihanna said Chris can never understand the hurt and pain he caused when he assaulted her.

Chris revealed that he still has very strong feelings for Rihanna. He said he is confused about his image in public after the attack.

It was only in November 09 that Rihanna has finally broken her silence about the much-publicised beating. She felt her faith in God to helped her recover from attack. She also began involving in supporting victims of domestic violence.

Rekindle Friendship

Rihanna hugged Chris Brown at the 2012 Video Music Awards and even patted his bleach-blond head sparking rumors of a relationship between them again. The photos immediately became a hit on the internet.

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Singer Rihanna, who was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend Chris Brown, has finally issued a statement about the incident on the Internet. ANI

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Mel Gibsons publicist has dismissed reports that he has been hired to save the career of embattled singer Chris Brown following his alleged dispute with girlfriend Rihanna. ANI

Chris Brown hires Paris Hiltons spin doctor to get out of Rihanna mess
Singer Chris Brown has chosen Paris Hiltons spin doctor Mike Sitrick to get him out the Rihanna mess, which began after he allegedly attacked her leaving her with horrific injuries. ANI

Melanie B lends support to battered Rihanna
Pop star Melanie B has been disgust by Chris Browns alleged attack on her pal Rihanna, and has expressed her support for the Umbrella hitmaker. ANI

Rihanna still loves Chris Brown
R and B singer Rihanna, who suffered a bloody nose, swollen lip and facial bruising in an alleged bust-up with Chris Brown, still loves him, if her friend is to be believed. ANI

Rihanna disgusted with Browns statement on his alleged attack
Pop star Rihanna is disgusted with Chris Browns statement on his alleged attack that left her with horrific injuries, as it still does not mention that he is guilty of his crime. ANI

Akon, Gabrielle Union offer support to battered Rihanna
Hip-hop star Akon and Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union have offered support to Rihanna, who was allegedly attacked by Chris Brown, and have urged her to be strong. ANI

Chris Brown finally breaks silence, issues statement
After much hullabaloo over his alleged attack on Rihanna, that left her with horrific injuries, singer Chris Brown has broken his silence over the much-speculated matter by issuing a statement. ANI

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Rapper Jay -Z, who is disappointed by Chris Browns alleged attack on Rihanna, has urged people to sympathize with the Umbrella hitmaker. ANI

Rihannas father confirms her split from Chris Brown
Pop star Rihannas father Ronald Fenty has confirmed that his daughter has split from Chris Brown, who allegedly assaulted her. ANI

Rihannas is doing OK, says dad
Pop star Rihannas father Ronald Fenty has revealed that his daughter is doing ok after her boyfriend Chris Brown allegedly attacked her. ANI

Rihanna dumps beau Chris Brown
R and B singer Rihanna has dumped her boyfriend Chris Brown, it has emerged. ANI

Rihannas eye patch might have hidden history of Browns beatings
Cops probing Chris Browns alleged assault on his girlfriend Rihanna are also trying to find out whether an injury that latter covers by wearing an eye patch also resulted from a bust-up in the past. ANI

Paris Hilton latest celeb to deny being cause of Brown/Rihanna fight
American socialite Paris Hilton has become the latest celebrity to deny that she was flirting with Chris Brown on the night of his alleged fight with girlfriend Rihanna. ANI

Paris Hiltons text might have led Brown, Rihanna to fight
Amid probe into Chris Browns domestic violence case, reports are now suggesting that it might have been a text message or call from hotel heiress Paris Hilton that prompted a fight between him and his girlfriend Rihanna. ANI

Chris Browns film director stands by him
After a much-publicised alleged fight with Rihanna at the weekend, R and B star Chris Browns career almost ended in tatters, but his movie director has revealed that he is standing by him no matter what. ANI

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