al Qaeda is a terrorist outfit responsible for attacks at various parts of the world. Abu Qatada is a preacher and is considered the European representative for al Qaeda.

Notable Events

In September 2009, media reported that Richard Holbrooke said Al Qaeda wants Pakistan’s nuclear secrets.

In May 2012, reports surfaced that al Qaeda has used sex tapes for communicating secret plans. Carly Stratton, a model and actress, has slammed the al Qaeda for embedding information in X-rated movies.

In May 2012, a US drone strike in Yemen reportedly killed a top Al-Qaeda leader who is on the FBI’s most wanted list. One of the two Al-Qaeda operatives who died was wanted for his role in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole warship.

FBI has thwarted alQaeda attempt to blow up a a US-bound aircraft. An Underwear bomb that was designed to avoid detection at metal detectors in the airport was used in the incident.

Holy War against Innocence of Muslims

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called the Muslims to wage a holy war over the insult of Prophet Mohammed in the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”. He has called on all Muslims in US and Israel to start a holy war against the director of the film Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

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Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Classified CIA Inspector General Report Strongly Condemning Agency Handling of Briefings and Interviews With the Entertainment Industry
WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired - October 28, 2015) - Judicial Watch announced today that it has received a previously classified December 2012 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) strongly condemning the agency’s handling of “briefings, interviews, visits, and other support” given to the entertainment industry

Judicial Watch: Newly Released Documents Confirm White House Officials Set Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Response

Judicial Watch: State Department Almost Immediately Labeled Benghazi Attack as “Terrorism Event”
WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired - May 26, 2015) - Judicial Watch today released new State Department documents showing the Benghazi attack was called a “terrorism event” almost immediately after the attack took place

Judicial Watch: Defense, State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew That al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance
WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired - May 18, 2015) - Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained more than 100 pages of previously classified “Secret” documents from the Department of Defense (DOD)and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S

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Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Top Hillary Clinton Advisers Knew Immediately That Assault on Benghazi Was Armed Attack
WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired - February 26, 2015) - Judicial Watch announced today that on February 11, 2015, it uncovered documents from the U.S

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show FBI Kept Channels Open to Al-Aulaqi Despite Terrorist Designation
Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained 900 pages of newly released internal documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicating there may have been a serious rift between the agency’s 9/11 Commission Task Force (Task Force) and the National Commission on Terrorism (Commission) in tracking the activities of U.S.-born al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Aulaqi

Retired Navy SEAL Jason C. Redman Joins The Blue Star Veterans Network as Head of Staffing
BETHESDA, MD–(Marketwired - June 30, 2014) - The Blue Star Veterans Network, dedicated to helping older veterans live safe, healthy and independent lives in their own homes, today announced that retired Navy SEAL Jason C. Redman will join the company as the Head of Staffing. LT Redman will report to Rear Admiral (ret) Robert O. Wray, Jr., CEO of the Blue Star Veterans Network Security and Defense Conference, Game Changing Technologies: The Face and Future of Security, an investor research and news portal, announces its Security and Defense Conference to be hosted in New York on March 11, 2014. The one day conference will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown and online at, a unique content and syndication platform

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2013
Judicial Watch today released its 2013 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

Judicial Watch Obtains CIA Transcript of Brennan “Underwear Bomb” Briefing
Judicial Watch today released the full transcript of a May 7, 2012, teleconference between then-White House top counterterror adviser John Brennan and various TV terrorism consultants, in which Brennan reveals that the U.S. and its allies had “inside control over any plot” in its efforts to thwart a May 2012 terrorism bomb plot. Brennan is now CIA director

Documentary Week - Opening Night Film ‘The Armstrong Lie’
Documentary Week Australia (DocWeek) in association with Sony Pictures is proud to present the 2014 opening night film ‘The Armstrong Lie’ by Oscar winning director, Alex Gibney. ‘The Armstrong Lie’ is an intimate and investigative inside story of cyclist Lance Armstrong

MMRGlobal CEO Featured in Newsmax as Retrial to Free Dr. Afridi Is Scheduled to Continue Today
MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCQB: MMRF) today called attention to a Newsmax article entitled “‘American Hero’ Languishes in Jail,” profiling in part the humanitarian and philanthropic efforts of MMRGlobal CEO Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch and Company spokesperson Kira Reed Lorsch to free Dr. Shakil Afridi, the man who confirmed the location of Osama bin Laden for the U.S

Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal U.S. Knew of Sophisticated Al Qaeda Plan to Hijack Commercial Airliner in 2000
Judicial Watch announced today that on August 29, 2013, it obtained a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) revealing that the United States disregarded advanced warning of a 2000 al Qaeda plot to hijack a commercial airliner because “nobody believed that Usama bin Laden’s organization or the Taliban could carry out such an operation.”

Obama Counting on Media to Help Destroy Small Business Programs, According to the American Small Business League
If President Obama is going to get away with closing the Small Business Administration (SBA) and destroying all federal small business programs under the guise of “streamlining government” it will be essential for the mainstream media to lend their support. Any factual, accurate or honest coverage of the president’s plan could be extremely detrimental.

Judicial Watch: Declassified Documents Reveal FBI Warning Identifying Anwar al-Aulaqi as a Terrorist Day Before He Spoke at Pentagon Luncheon
Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealing that the agency had warned agents who spotted U.S.-born al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Aulaqi to “approach with caution” the day before he spoke as an invited guest at a Pentagon luncheon

Judicial Watch Obtains FBI Records Detailing Banking Activity and Purchases Linking Anwar al Aulaqi and 9/11 Hijackers
Judicial Watch announced today that it received documents on March 4, 2013 from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that raise new questions about close ties between Anwar al Aulaqi, the U.S.-born terrorist assassinated by a U.S. drone in Yemen on September 30, 2011, and Nawaf al Hami and Khalid al Mihdhar, two of the five hijackers who attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

Judicial Watch Sues Office of Director of National Intelligence
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence seeking access to records detailing the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans

U.S. Navy Court Filing: Information Detailing bin Laden Burial Must Be Kept Secret Because It Might Offend Terrorists Abroad
Judicial Watch announced today that on January 15, 2013, the United States Navy filed a motion for summary judgment on Judicial Watch’s July 18, 2012, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking access to the details regarding the burial of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Department of the Navy (No. 1:12-cv-01182))

Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Indicate FBI Knew Assassinated U.S. Born Terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi Purchased Airline Tickets for 9/11 Hijackers
Judicial Watch announced today that it has received documents from the U.S. State Department indicating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was aware on September 27, 2001, that Anwar al-Aulaqi, the U.S. born terrorist assassinated by a U.S

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2012
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2012 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

National Geographic Channel Announces Nov. 4 Airdate for Harvey Weinstein Film “SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID ON OSAMA BIN LADEN”
Just a year and a half after President Obama ordered the raid that ended the longest manhunt in American history and took down al-Qaeda’s notorious leader, Americans can now see for the first time in a full-length feature film how it all went down in SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID ON OSAMA BIN LADEN.

Judicial Watch Sues the United States Navy for Records Detailing bin Laden Burial at Sea
Judicial Watch announced today that on July 18, 2012, it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. Department of the Navy (No. 1:12-cv-01182)) against the United States Navy for records detailing “any funeral ceremony, rite or ritual” for Osama bin Laden prior to his burial at sea

Seven Navy SEALs reprimanded for divulging classified information
Letters of reprimand handed over to the Seven SEALs

Russian President Vladimir Putin praises Obama, chastises Romney
Criticizes Western and Arab countries for sponsoring terrorism by sponsoring Free Syrian Army

Suicide blast at Peshawar kills 3, injures 19
Two Americans among the killed. Two foreigners among the 19 injured

The Pentagon threatens legal action against author of ‘No Easy Day’
‘No Easy Day’ is due to be released on September 4

Militants attack Minhas air force base in Pakistan
Authorities confirm that there are no nuclear weapons in any of the air force bases in Pakistan

Spanish police arrest three al-Qaida suspects
The three arrested al-Qaida suspects are believed to be Russian, Chechen and Turk descent

Assad’s wife flees to Russia as fresh fighting is reported in Damascus
Assad reported to have moved to to coastal city of Latakia as ‘decisive battle’ begins; David Cameron asks Assad to step down; Crucial UN Security Council votes today

Jordan King warns Syrian chemical weapons could be seized by al-Qaeda
Says it will take years for Syria to come to normalcy if situation deteriorates

At least 20 killed in Yemen police academy suicide bombing at Sanaa
At least 20 killed in suicide bombing attack at Sanaa police academy in Yemen

Iranian agents arrested with explosives planned to attack US, British, Israelis in Kenya
Two Iranian agents, who were arrested with explosives, had planned to attack American, British, Israeli people in Kenya, officials have claimed.

‘Weak, isolated’ Pak only state Al-Qaeda can use as base to launch global jihad: Editorial
Pakistan is the only country that Al-Qaeda could use as a base to launch its global jihad through terrorism, a newspaper editorial has said.

Pakistan civilian deaths due to US drone strikes ‘lowest since 2008’: Report
Less number of civilians in Pakistan have died in US drone strikes so far this year compared to any other time in the last four years, according to a report.

Syria’s Assad endorses anti-terrorism legislation
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad endorsed Monday a counter-terrorism law, which came just days after he announced that his country is at a state of real war.

Islamist fighters in Mali destroy Timbuktu shrines
Islamist fighters in Mali have damaged shrines of Muslim saints in the city of Timbuktu.

Al-Qaeda planning terror attack on US airline: Report
Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), is planning to launch an attack on an American airliner, a British paper, citing intelligence sources, has claimed.

‘Powerful quarters’ in Pak pressing to keep ‘extremely damaging’ Osama raid report classified
The Abbottabad Commission, which has completed its findings on the May 2 raid on Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, is facing pressure from “certain powerful quarters” in akistan to not make the report public.

Bill moved in U.S. House to declare Haqqani Network ‘Foreign Terrorist Organisation’
American lawmakers have moved a bill in the U.S. Congress to declare Al-Qaeda linked Haqqani Network a terrorist outfit, calling it a grave danger to U.S.-led coalition forces deployed in Afghanistan.

Twitter threatened with legal action for hosting terrorist Hezbollah accounts
An Israeli pressure group has threatened micro blogging site Twitter with legal action to force it to close accounts run by Hezbollah and other organisations classified as terrorists by the US.

US may stop using controversial ‘AfPak’ term to mollify miffed Pak
The United States may officially stop using the term Af-Pak for Afghanistan and Pakistan to pacify Islamabad, which has for long opposed the bracketing of both countries together.

US removes Mullah Omer from most wanted terrorist list
Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar has been removed from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s list of “most wanted terrorists”.

British Armed Forces chief warns of ‘enduring insurgency’ in Afghanistan
The head of the British Armed Forces, General Sir David Richards, has warned his troops to expect to see “an enduring insurgency” beyond the date of their withdrawal from the front line in Afghanistan.

US calls on Twitter to block Taliban account boasting insurgent attacks
The United States has called on the social micro-blogging site, Twitter, to block the Taliban’s account.

Secret ISI letter shows Benazir Bhutto’s murder was planned for Dec 21,2007
An Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) letter has revealed that the extremists groups related to terror group Al Qaeda had planned to assassinate former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto six days earlier than December 27, 2007, the day when she was killed.

Senior Al Qaeda members moving to ‘new jihad theatre’ North Africa from Pak
Senior al-Qaeda members are feared to be moving to north Africa to open up a new front after being targeted in Pakistan.

U.S. gearing for curtailed ties with Pak after deadly November 26 NATO airstrike
The US is gearing up to have curtailed ties with Pakistan, which it believes will complicate its efforts to target extremists and provide supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Pak Opposition Leader Nisar Khan slams Gilani over questioning bin Laden’s presence
Pakistan Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has criticised Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani for raising the question of slain Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan during an assembly session.

NIA charge sheets Headley, Hafiz Saeed, two ISI officers
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday chargesheeted Lashkar-e-Toiba operative David Headley, Lashkar founder Hafiz Saeed and two Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) officers for plotting terror attacks in India, including the 26/11 strikes.

FBI failed to act on Headley’s wife’s terror link expose 3 yrs before Mumbai attacks
The key figure in the Mumbai attacks David Coleman Headleys wife had informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at least three years before the November 2008 attack, that he was undergoing terrorist training in Pakistan, but the US failed to act on the tip off. ANI

Musharraf calls PML-N leaders toothless ‘paper lions’ following chargesheet against him
In the wake of the 16-point charge sheet issued by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) against Pervez Musharraf, the former president said that PML-N leaders are just paper lions and their charges were of no value. ANI

NATO’s escalating Afghan airstrikes aimed at forcing Taliban towards negotiation
NATOs ever-increasing airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan is believed to be a coordinated effort orchestrated by General David H. Petraeus to force the insurgents and their leaders to negotiate an end to the nine-year war. ANI

NYPD’s mock drill in preparation for 26/11 Mumbai-style Al-aeda attack
The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has conducted a drill to simulate a 26/11 Mumbai-style attack in the city. ANI

Another Pak Taliban terrorist reaches US to rectify Times Square bombing failure
Recent intelligence has indicated that the Pakistani Taliban, which orchestrated the failed Times Square bombing, may have successfully placed another operative inside the United States to launch a second attack in the Target Number One country for terrorists, sources revealed. ANI

No evidence that Pak floods benefited Taliban: Holbrooke
US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, has said that he had seen no evidence that the floods in Pakistan have benefited the Taliban. ANI

NATO facilitating Afghan-Taliban talks in Kabul: Official
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces are facilitating efforts by the Afghan government to seek a reconciliation deal with Taliban leaders in Kabul, a senior NATO official has said. ANI

Pak army has pledged assault on US target ‘epicenter of terrorism’ N.Waziristan: Mullen
As a result of the US push, Pakistans army has pledged to go after militants in the region which harbours Al- Qaeda and has become the epicenter of terrorism, US President Barack Obamas top military adviser has said. ANI

Majority of Pakistanis see US drone attacks as their liberator, finds new study
Amid reports of civilians in Pakistans tribal areas opposing US drone attacks in their country, a study carried out by an American professor may astonish the world, as it argues that the civilians in these tribal regions actually favour the drone attacks, seeing them as their liberator. ANI

Musharraf calls PML-N leaders toothless ‘paper lions’ following chargesheet against him
In the wake of the 16-point charge sheet issued by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) against Pervez Musharraf, the former president said that PML-N leaders are just paper lions and their charges were of no value. ANI

Germany has become new breeding ground for jihadi Islamic radicals: Report
Despite being spared of terrorist attacks like those that have hit the United States, Britain and Spain, Hamburg in Germany still remains the breeding ground for Islamic radicals, according to security officials. ANI

Lashkar planning 26/11 style attack on Delhi ahead of CWG closing ceremony
Pakistan based terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba is planning to attack Delhi on Thursday during the build-up to the closing ceremony of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, according to Indian intelligence. ANI

Zardari believed ‘US was behind Taliban attacks in Pak’ to gain access to its nukes
Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US envoy to Afghanistan, once brushed off Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardaris claim, that the US was arranging the (suicide) attacks by Pakistani Taliban inside his country, as madness, and was of the view that both Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who believed in this US conspiracy theory, were dysfunctional leaders. ANI

US aid workers in Pak under threat of terrorist attacks over Stars and Stripes logo: Charities
Eleven charities have written a letter to the US, warning that the aid workers in Pakistan might face terrorist attacks if it does not back down on a policy that requires them to use a Stars and Stripes logo on American-funded assistance. ANI

US aid workers in Pak under threat of terrorist attacks over Stars and Stripes logo: Charities
Eleven charities have written a letter to the US, warning that the aid workers in Pakistan might face terrorist attacks if it does not back down on a policy that requires them to use a Stars and Stripes logo on American-funded assistance. ANI

Holbrooke warns against expecting too much from secret ‘Taliban-Afghan govt’ talks
The United States welcomes the Afghan reconciliation efforts but believes that the recent reports about secret talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are exaggerated, Richard Holbrooke, US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, has said. ANI

‘Obama’s Wars’ reveals US hard-talk on Pak’s deadly double game in war on terror
US journalist Bob Woodwards book Obamas wars has made a volley of startling revelations, including hot pursuit by 3,000 US troops inside Pakistani territory from the Afghan side, Pakistani airbases still being used for drone attacks, US not trusting the ISI, Zardari stating to CIA chief that civilian deaths did not worry him at all, and US plans of bombing 150 camps inside Pakistan if there was another attack in American territory. ANI

Al-Qaeda calls for terror attack on crowded Washington restaurant at lunch hour
Al-Qaeda has called on American jihadis to carry out a terror attack on a crowded restaurant in Washington to massacre US government workers. ANI

Second al-Qaeda magazine edition features ‘proud to be US traitor’s’ testimony
The Al-Qaeda has released the second edition of their English-language magazine Inspire featuring a North Carolina man who says he is proud to be a traitor to America. ANI

Karzai confirms ‘unofficial talks’ with Taliba
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has confirmed that contact between the Taliban and his administration has been going on unofficially for quite some time to try to end the nine-year war. ANI

July 7 2005 London bombing inquests to begin
The inquests for the 52 people killed by four al-Qaeda-backed suicide bombers on three Underground trains and a bus in London on July 7, 2005 are due to start. ANI

Prince Harry’s ‘real-life kidnap test’
Prince Harry recently underwent an al-Qaida-type kidnap by the SAS to prepare him for his new role as an Army combat pilot. ANI

Planned Mumbai-style terror plot on Europe verified by ‘other sources’ too: Intelligence
US and German intelligence officials have said that the claims made by a captured German al Qaeda recruit, Ahmed Siddiqui, about Mumbai-style terror attacks in various cities across Europe, have been verified by other sources. ANI

French Muslims feeling targeted over 26/11 Mumbai-style attack threat in Europe
Many Muslims in France have said that they feel increasingly targeted amid growing concerns of 26/11 Mumbai-style attacks in Europe. ANI

US-NATO ‘apologies’ over cross-border raids ‘victory’ for Pak: Malik
The Pakistan government has declared a diplomatic and political victory in the National Assembly, after receiving apologies from the United States and NATO over the helicopter strikes in Pakistani territory. ANI

Public anger over US drone attacks could endanger Americans in Pak, says Pak diplomat
Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistans High Commissioner to London, has said that the recent US drone attacks in Pakistan had set the country on fire and warned that such kind of acts in the future could lead to mounting public anger, which might eventually lead to attacks on American personnel in Pakistan. ANI

Briton killed in US drone attack in Pak dreamed of bringing holy war to UK
Abdul Jabbar, a Briton killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan was reportedly a resident of Birmingham, who boasted he would bring holy war to Britain. ANI

US’ Europe terror alerts exaggerated for political gain in mid-term polls, says Pak diplomat
Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistans High Commissioner to London, has said that Americas warning of Mumbai-style al-Qaeda attacks in western Europe might have been exaggerated to ensure political gain in next months midterm elections. ANI

US ‘extremely concerned’ over ISI role in ‘supporting terrorist groups’
Top US defence officials have expressed concerns that some elements of Pakistans spy agency may be involved in improper interactions with the Taliban and other insurgent groups, Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan has disclosed. ANI

US remains committed to hunt down Osama, Zawahiri: Mullen
The United States remains committed to tracking down Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, US Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen has stated, adding that the terror organisation has been significantly diminished. ANI

US judge bars major witness from GITMO detainee’s trial
A federal judge barred prosecutors on Wednesday from using a crucial witness in the first trial of a former Guantanamo detainee. ANI

US in indirect talks with Pak- anchored Haqqani insurgents for Afghan solution: Report
The governments of the United States and Afghanistan have reportedly made separate contacts with the Haqqani network, the most fearsome insurgent group in Afghanistan, though their talks are being described by sources as extremely tentative. ANI

‘Osama hunter’ Faulkner arrested on domestic violence charges in Colorado
Gary Faulkner, an American who gained fame as the Osama bin Laden hunter, has been arrested on domestic violence and third-degree a*sault charges in Colorado. ANI

‘US drone attack surge in Pak connected to suspected Europe terror plot’: Haqqani
The recent upsurge in US drone attacks in Pakistan is linked to efforts to disrupt a suspected Al-Qaeda plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on European targets, Pakistans ambassador to the US, Hussein Haqqani, has acknowledged. ANI

Briton killed by US drone attack in Pak was ‘Islamic Army of Great Britain’ chief
The British terror suspect, Abdul Jabbar, killed in a Pakistan drone strike in September was elected leader of an al-Qaeda group called The Islamic Army of Great Britain, according to a senior Pakistani security source. ANI

US runs out of patience with Pak’s toothless military campaign against terrorists
The United States has slammed Pakistan over its campaign against terrorists, stating bluntly that its government and military have been unwilling to take action against Al Qaeda and like-minded terrorists as per their political choice, and in view of the under-resourced military prioritising its targets. ANI

20 NATO supply trucks torched in Quetta in fresh attack following air strike standoff
In the latest attack on convoys carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan in Pakistan, unidentified assailants have torched more than 20 NATO supply trucks, police officials said. ANI

West responsible for making Pak breeding ground for international terrorism: Musharraf
Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has blamed the West for having made Pakistan the breeding ground for international terrorism. ANI

Mumbai-style terror attack cells ‘already in Britain’, claims Qaeda commander
Terrorist cells have reportedly been sent to Britain and Germany to launch Mumbai-style terror attacks. ANI

US tone-down, says ‘al-Qaeda attack alert’ meant for Europe ‘not specifically’ America
The U.S. government has clarified that the State Department alert on al-Qaeda backed terror plots were meant for Europe and that there was no indication that America or its citizens were the targets. ANI

Now, Japan, Sweden warn citizens against al-Qaeda Mumbai-style terror attacks in Europe
In the latest development, Japan and Sweden have now joined the US and Britain by issuing travel warnings of a Mumbai-style attack on major transport hubs or tourist attractions across Europe. ANI

Eight German al-Qaeda terrorists killed in US drone attack in Pakistan
Eight German militants, who were taking training from the Taliban, have reportedly been killed in a U.S. missile strike close to the Afghan border in Pakistan. ccording to the Daily Mail, the militants were taking training in North Waziristan, the al- Qaedas stronghold, when the unmanned drones targeting a mosque, hit them. The attack is considered to be the largest on the foreign militants since the conflict began in 2001. ANI

‘Several people involved in Mumbai-type European attacks plot identified’: Haqqani
A number of people involved in plotting terrorist attacks in Europe have been identified and targeted, Pakistans Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani has stated. ANI

No ‘adjustments’ required in current Pak, Afghanistan strategy: Obama
As US-led forces escalate operations against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, US President, Barack Obama, has declared that no current changes are needed to his Afghanistan and Pakistan strategy. ANI

US, UK, Oz intelligence sent teams to foil attacks on Delhi CWG
The United States, Britain and Australia had reportedly sent intelligence teams to India last year to help stop Pakistan-based groups from launching a terrorist attack on the ongoing Delhi Commonwealth Games. ANI

Obama actively monitoring al-Qaeda’s Mumbai-style terror attack plot on Europe
US President Barack Obama had reportedly met the national security team on Friday to discuss the security concerns related to the Mumbai-style terror attack plot by the al-Qaeda on Europe. ANI

Al-Qaeda, Pak Taliban planning to abduct Lebanese ambassador: Pak intelligence report
Pakistani intelligence agencies have revealed that Al-Qaeda and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have plans to abduct the Lebanese ambassador and other senior diplomats from Islamabad. ANI

Qaida’s Mumbai-style attack plot could have been hatched in Rochdale: Brit intelligence experts
British intelligence experts have claimed that an al-Qaida plot to launch Mumbai-style terror attacks across Europe, could have been hatched in Rochdale. ANI

UK joins US in warning tourists against Mumbai-type terror attacks in Europe
Britain has reportedly joined the U.S. in warning tourists to remain vigilant amid fears of al-Qaedas commando-style attacks in Europe following a series of terror alerts. ANI

Terror outfits in Af-Pak border area now seeking global reach: Admiral Mullen
Top US military official Admiral Mike Mullen has again warned that the Afghan-Pak border area remains the epicentre of terrorism, and added that many of the militant outfits based in that region are now seeking global reach. ANI

SAS officers warn Britain is unprepared for a Mumbai-style attack
Two former senior commanders of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) have warned that Britains security forces might not be able to cope with a Mumbai-style terrorist attack in London. ANI

US to warn citizens over al-Qaeda backed Mumbai-style terror attacks in Europe
Amidst growing fears that European landmarks or transport hubs could be attacked by the al-Qaeda, the U.S. is reportedly considering issuing an official statement as early as today, warning American tourists to avoid travelling to the UK and across the continent. ANI

Eight Germans, two Brits behind Pak-based Mumbai-style terror threat to Europe
Eight Germans and two Brits are at the heart of the Al-Qaeda-linked terror plot against European cities, a Pakistani intelligence official has said. ANI

US concerned over political developments in Pakistan
The Obama administration has reportedly expressed concern over recent developments taking place in Pakistans defence and political circles, following Thursdays early morning Predator strike that killed three Pakistani soldiers. ANI

Al Qaeda, ‘Ilyas Kashmiri-led Brigade 313’ planning to attack CWG in New Delhi?
Al Qaeda and a North Waziristan-based terrorist group Brigade 313 have reportedly prepared a plan to launch an attack on the 19th Commonwealth Games, which are due to be held in New Delhi from October 3 to 14. ANI

Karzai move to talk with Taleban could lead to civil war: Ex-Afghan spy chief
Afghanistan former spymaster has warned that the country risks fracturing along bloody ethnic lines if President Hamid Karzai continues misguided efforts to reach out to the Taleban. ANI

Pak Army brands ‘Pak-based terrorists planning Europe attack’ reports ‘very speculative’
Not attaching much significance to the claims that Pakistan-based terrorists, thought to be linked to Al Qaeda, were planning simultaneous strikes on London and other European cities, the Pakistan Army has dismissed them as very speculative. ANI

US, Europe experts play down reports of new Qaeda threats
European and American officials have said that they do not consider a terror attack as being eminent after detecting several credible threats from terrorist groups in Pakistan and northern Africa targeting European capitals. ANI

Anwar al-Awlaki calls for more terror attacks on West in new video
Radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has re-emerged with a video calling for more terror attacks on the West. ANI

CIA to continue drone attacks in Pak after getting 100% results: Leon Panetta
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta has reportedly said that the CIA will continue staging drone attacks in Pakistan, a private TV channel reported. ANI

20 Britons training in Pak to launch 26/11 Mumbai-style attacks in UK
At least 20 Brit Muslims are reportedly undergoing terrorist training in Pakistan to launch 26/11 Mumbai-style shootings and suicide attacks in the United Kingdom. ANI

Cameron orders 26/11 Mumbai-style terror dummy-run after intelligence warning
British Prime Minister David Cameron has responded to the threat of a 26/11 Mumbai-style terror attack in the country by secretly ordering a full-scale dummy-run. ANI

26/11 Mumbai-style Al-Qaeda threat to Britain ‘still active’
The threat of 26/11 Mumbai-style Al-Qaeda attacks across Britain, France and Germany is still active, Brit security officials have warned. ANI

Gilani says Pak govt to take public stand on Zardari Swiss cases after SC review
A day after the Pakistan government got a breather from the Supreme Court in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated that his government would take a public stand on the apex courts demand to reopen the Swiss cases involving President Asif Ali Zardari after the courts decision on the NRO review petition. ANI

Al-Qaeda’s Af-Pak chief killed in US drone attack in North Waziristan
Al-Qaedas operational chief for Afghanistan and Pakistan has been killed in a US drone strike in Pakistans tribal areas, security officials have claimed. ANI

Cancer of terrorism is in Pakistan, Obama tells Zardari through his NSA
US President Barack Obama has reportedly told President Asif Ali Zardari through his National Security Adviser, retired Marine General James L. Jones, and CIA Director Leon Panetta that the cancer of terrorism is in Pakistan and emanating from that country. ANI

US threatens ground operations in FATA if Pak doesn’t act against terror ‘safe havens’
The top US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, has issued a veiled warning to Pakistan that Washington could launch ground operations in Pakistans Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), if Islamabad refused to dismantle the militant network in North Waziristan. ANI

Pak-based jihadis’ ‘Mumbai style’ terror attacks planned on Europe foiled
The latest terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks in the UK, France and Germany has been unearthed and disrupted after intelligence sharing among the spy agencies from these three countries and the United States. ANI

France on high alert after warnings of possible terrorist attacks
France is reportedly on a high alert following repeated intelligence warnings that terrorists may be planning to carry out attacks in the country. ANI

CIA steps up drone attacks in Pakistan
The Obama administration has enthusiastically embraced the CIAs drone program, an ambitious and historically unusual war campaign by American spies, which has launched nearly four times as many attacks in 2009 and 2010 as it did during the final year of the Bush administration, according to The Long War Journal. ANI

Pak’s attempted deal between US, Afghan Taliban fraught with risk over Haqqani’s role
Pakistan is reportedly trying to solicit a deal between the United States (US) and the Afghan Taliban with the help of certain friendly Arab nations, a move experts believe could backfire if the dreaded Haqqani group that has consistently targeted US forces, doesnt play ball. ANI

Pak Danish embassy bombing case: Court acquits trio for insufficient evidence
A Pakistani court has reportedly acquitted three men accused of involvement in the bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad because of insufficient evidence. ANI

Al Qaeda plot to kidnap British athletes, fans during Delhi Games unearthed
A plot to target or kidnap British athletes and fans coming to India for the 2010 Commonwealth Games has emerged over their countrys support to the war in Afghanistan. ANI

Oz opposition party demands more security advice for athletes at Delhi Games
Australias opposition party has asked the Julia Gillard Government to give athletes participating in the 2010 Commonwealth Games more advice on the security situation in New Delhi. ANI

Musharraf says he will return to politics for the greater cause of Pakistan
Pakistans former military leader Pervez Musharraf, a prominent figure on the global lecture circuit for the last two years, has declared that he wants to re-enter his nations political arena for the greater cause. ANI

Obama said US can absorb another 9/11, claims Woodward book
US President Barack Obama reckons that the country can absorb another terror attack, a new book by journalist Bob Woodward has claimed. ANI

Qaeda likely to attempt frequent small-scale but deadly terrorist attacks in US: Officials
Al-Qaeda and its allies are likely to attempt small-scale and less sophisticated terrorist attacks in the United States, senior Obama administration officials have said. ANI

US has 3000-strong crack squad in Afghanistan to wage its secret war in Pakistan
An Afghan paramilitary force with a strength of 3000 well-armed troops, collectively known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams, has been trained and deployed in Afghanistan not only for surveillance, raids and combat operations in Afghanistan, but also for the United States secret war in Pakistan against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, according to current and former US officials. ANI

Homegrown radicals changing terrorism threat in U.S.
The rising threat from homegrown radicals makes terrorist plots against the U.S. harder to detect and more likely to succeed, top administration officials are scheduled to tell Congress on Wednesday. ANI

Well-trained local forces can better handle insurgency situation: Ex- RAW chief
Vikram Sood, the former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) on Wednesday termed Left Wing extremism a ruthless organisation and said well-trained local forces could better handle the insurgency situation. ANI

Mushrooming extremist websites emerging biggest global terror threat: Interpol Chief
Interpol Chief Ronald Noble has warned that the rising number of extremist websites have made the recruitment process much easier for the al-Qaeda, which according to him, is difficult to manage as another site pops up as soon as one is knocked out. ANI

No proof of Pak moving against Haqqani group: Holbrooke
stan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said that Islamabad has not yet acted against the Haqqani group- a Taliban ally- as the nations fight against terrorism has been constrained by the need to deploy troops in flood relief efforts. ANI

Pak jails 70-yr-old Briton for trying to sneak across Pak-Afghan border to research book
A 70-year-old British man, Nicholas Bain, accused of spying in Pakistan is being reportedly held in Peshawar Central Jail along with Taliban suspects after being arrested in a lawless tribal region, close to the border with Afghanistan. ANI

European security experts fear al-Qaeda wings expanded to Uganda
There seems to be a growing concern in the western world, especially after the arrest of a British man on terrorism charges on his way to Entebbe, that al-Qaeda may have expanded its East African operations into Uganda. ANI

Pakistan seeks repatriation of terror suspect Aafia
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has sent a letter to the US Attorney generals office requesting repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who is currently under detention in America for her alleged links with Al Qaeda. ANI

US won’t stand slackness by Pak Army in war on terror: Holbrooke
US special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has said that his country would not accept any slackness on the part of the Pakistan Army in the war against the Taliban, due to their engagement in the ongoing flood relief efforts. ANI

Muslim extremist threat forces Spain’s ‘La Meca’ nightclub to change its name
Facing a threat from Muslim extremists, a popular Spanish nightclub has been forced to change its name from La Meca. ANI

UK facing new wave of terrorist attacks, MI5 Chief warns
The head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, has warned that the UK faces potent new threats of lethal attacks from terrorism incubated in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and North Africa. ANI

Mushrraf accepted seven US demands in 24 hours after 9/11 terror attacks
As the US prepared to invade Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, the then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf tried to convince the Bush administration to negotiate with the Taliban, but accepted unconditionally in 24 hours all seven demands made by the US such as stopping al Qaeda at the border, providing the US with blanket landing rights to conduct operations and territorial and naval access and help in destroying Osama Bin Laden, after his proposal was bluntly rejected by Washington. ANI

US drone attacks being operated in collaboration with Pak govt, GHQ: Holbrooke
US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has stated that drone attacks against terrorists in Pakistans northern tribal region are being carried out in close collaboration with Pakistans civil and military leadership. ANI

Afghan partition would cause civil war again: NATO
NATO has dismissed former American national security adviser Robert Blackwills suggestions that a conflict in Afghanistan could be resolved by partitioning the country on ethnic lines and handing over the Pashtun south to the Taliban, saying it was a recipe for civil war. ANI

America ‘under attack’ by non violent ‘stealth jihad’, warns Security Report
Security analysts have warned in a new report that America is under attack by a non-violent stealth jihad, with fundamentalists attempting to bring Islamic law known as Shariah to the United States. ANI

Karzai castigates Pakistan for providing refuge to terrorists
At a press conference with Asif Ali Zardari, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has criticised Pakistan for harbouring sanctuaries and training camps of the terrorists within its territorial limits. ANI

Everyone knows Taliban leader Mullah Omar is in Pakistan: France
Foreign Minister of France- Bernard Kouchner- has stated that the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar is based in Pakistan and everyone knows it. ANI

Flood relief efforts force Pakistan Army to alter plans against terrorists
Pakistani military officials have said that the flood relief effort undertaken by the countrys armed forces have forced the army to alter plans to combat Taliban and Al Qaeda militants, extending the stay of troops fighting militants in the Swat valley by six months. ANI

US diplomat urges NATO to partition Afghanistan or loose control
A senior former American national security adviser, Robert Blackwill, has warned that the Taliban are winning and the foreign forces are losing in Afghanistan and added that the country should be partitioned along ethnic lines by pulling back NATO forces to deal with the problem. ANI

Musharraf made desperate attempts to save Taliban, bin laden from US wrath after 9/11: Report
Following the 9/11 terror strikes, when the US had made up its mind to bombard Afghanistan, Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and then President Pervez Musharraf made full efforts to save the Taliban and tried to persuade a red-faced Bush administration to hold a dialogue with the Taliban, as the ISI always regarded it as one of its strategic assets. ANI

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